C. R. Bishop turns 87, 1909.


Charles R. Bishop, the founder and first president of the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, to whom a congratulatory cablegram was sent on January 26, last, writes to the Chamber as follows:

“Many thanks to the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce for congratulations and best wishes on this the eighty-seventh anniversary of my birth. Wishing the Chamber continued efficiency and prosperity, I remain, yours very truly,  CHARLES R. BISHOP.

[C. R. Bishop is widely known for his involvement in many great endeavors, but he might not be so well know for his founding of the Chamber of Commerce which is still active today.]

(Hawaiian Gazette, 2/12/1909, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume LI, Number 117, Page 3. February 12, 1909.

Old school desserts and such, 1865.

Rules for making Desserts.

Here below are the rules for making Desserts [mea ono]. If you want your desserts to have a fine white color, you should use white sugar; similarly will be the white from good brown sugar. Fresh butter is used often, because if it is old butter, there is no body added to the dessert.

If you are adding eggs, scatter with flour, then add to butter and egg. If you are making a dessert without eggs, don’t add flour, not until you are ready to put the dessert where it will be made.

To know if the dessert is done, stick a skewer [niau] into the dessert, and if nothing sticks to it, it is done, and there is one thing left to do, that is to swallow it down. The making is what is important; if it is not done correctly, and nothing goes wrong, it will turn out well. Keep a constant heat under the dessert.

Number 1. Cup Cake.

Break five eggs, then add two teaspoons full of sugar, and so too with fresh butter, mixing well. After mixing, add into it two teaspoons full of flour, with grated nutmeg. Put into an Oven at a good temperature. Before putting  it in, add a teaspoon saleratus [kareta] and half a cup of sour milk [waiu awaawa]…


I substituted baking soda for saleratus.

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