Hawaii Holomua, January 18, 1893.




The Protest Proclamation of the Queen!

“My dear homeland,
It is for thee that I sing.”¹

This past Tuesday, the 17th of January, 1893, will seemingly be notorious forever in our land of birth, for it is the day that a new Nation in the form of a provisional government under thirteen haole was proclaimed.


On Monday night, was when many places in town were put under the watch of armed soldiers from the American warship Boston, and on the following Tuesday morning, they were seen going around, and the members of the Honolulu Rifles began to join in and surrounded several places with their weapons, and the appearance of town was terrifying.


In the early morning, the rumor was spread on the sides of the streets of town, saying that there is craving to overthrow the kingdom and to make a new government. This news flew on the tips of the winds and reached the countryside, and because of that, the citizens of the Queen gathered in great numbers in the streets, and the greatest number was in the groups in and outside of the Palace Grounds; and right outside Kalakaua Hale there were thousands of people standing and waiting, prepared for orders, should there be orders.


At this time, the people were in a state of astonishment, going around the sides of the streets and standing here and there in crowds, discussing and responding. This conditions continue while the peaceful state is preserved, except for the seeing of the soldiers with their guns.


But between the hours of 2 and 3 in the afternoon, the people were shocked at the news spread that Leialoha, an government police officer, was shot and and hit by a haole, while he was carrying out his duties under the power of the law of the land. A disturbance soon started, and it was feared that there would be a riot, but as is our usual nature, we were patient, and held back our ire.

In a short time, Leialoha arrived at the Station [Halewai] held on this side and that with helping  hands, and it was realized that he had actually been shot right in front of his chest below the joint of the collarbone. Immediately he was transported to the Queen’s Hospital.

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