English coverage of Kamehameha Schools graduation, 1908.


The Kamehameha Manual Schools will have their closing exercises this evening and the graduating class have invited their many friends to be present to enjoy the following program which has been arranged:

Prelude—Offertoire in D Minor ..Batiste
Miss S. L. Byington.

Rev. Bradford Leavitt, D. D.

Response—”He Aloha no ka Haku”..Liliuokalani
Choir Boys.

Essay—”Ancient Hawaii as Told by a Retainer”
Julia Lazaro.

Mele—”He Inoa no Pauahi”..Prince Leleiohoku

Essay—”Modern Hawaii”
Henry Waiau.

Essay—”Industries of Ancient Hawaii”
Elizabeth Macy.

Chorus—Hawaiian Hymn ..E. A. P. Newcomb
Boys’ Glee Club.

Essay—”Industries of Modern Hawaii”
John Pahia.

Essay—”Influence of Kamehameha in the Future of Hawaii”
Joseph Ordenstein.

Chorus of Vintages ..Henry Smart
School for Girls.

Essay—”Woman in Ancient and Modern Hawaii”
Lillian Broad.

Essay—”Hawaii of Tomorrow”
James Mahikoa.

Chorus—Recessional ..De Koven
Boys’ Glee Club.

Presentation of Certificates.

“Hawaii Ponoi”

Rev. John L. Hopwood.

“Kamehameha School for Girls’ Call”
Senior Class.

Postlude in E Flat..Lefebure Wely

The graduating class of 1908 consists of the following pupils of the school: Continue reading

Kamehameha Schools graduation, 1908.


On this past Saturday night, speeches and singing by the Kamehameha Schools were held in the chapel of the school, and on that night diplomas were presented to the classes that were graduating that year from the girls to the boys. Continue reading

Mrs. Kalua Kahaleanu forms the pāʻū riding group, Ka Hikina a ka Lā i Haʻehaʻe, 1906.


I give you my great thanks, Mrs. Kalua Kahaleanu, for your establishing of this Horse Riding Group called Kahikinaakala i Haehae; I was very happy to see in the Kuokoa newspaper of your becoming the leader of this pa-u horse riding group, and therefore, I embrace you with unwavering continued enthusiasm; we are bound fast and I tie us together with respect.

Yours sincerely,


President of the Kaonohiokala Pa-u Horse Riding Group.

Waikiki, July 23, 1906.

(Kuokoa, 8/3/1906, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLV, Helu 31, Aoao 4. Augate 3, 1906.