Commentary on Maunaala, 1881.

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Whose duty is it to look after the grounds around the Mausoleum? At one timethese premises were a credit to the country; at present they are anything but that. The weeds are growing all over the grass; Continue reading

A. A. Montano pictures of Kilauea! 1881.

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We have on our table a very fine set of photos of Kilauea Volcano, and some distant views of the lava flow, as well as some of the pahoehoe, taken by Montano. Truly our photographers are adventurous. Mr. Montano has certainly struck out a bold line in taking Kilauea.

[This is something I would like to see. Anybody know of any?]

(Hawaiian Gazette, 8/31/1881, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XVII, Number 35, Page 3. August 31, 1881.