Lunalilo’s Crypt overgrown by weeds? 1894.

It is painful to see the cemetery of King Lunalilo at Kawaiahao, showing that it is not remembered, for it is overgrown by weeds. In its wealth, the crypt where his body is laid to rest was left to waste by his Trustees, along with Wile Kamika [William Owen Smith] who feasts off of his pay from the trust. This is proof of the missionary descendents’ [welo mikanele] contempt for the Alii of Hawaii, the people who made them wealthy and also their parents and grandparents.

(Makaainana, 3/19/1894, p. 4)

Ehaeha no hoi na maka...

Ka Makaainana, Buke I----Ano Hou, Helu 12, Aoao 4. Maraki 19, 1894.

Renovation of Kawaiahao Cemetery, 1867.

[Found under: “LOCAL NEWS”]

Graveyard of Kawaiahao.—Most of the people of the Capital City of Honolulu have perhaps heard that the cemetery of Kawaiahao is being renovated, and some people have imagined that the bodies laid there to rest, along with the yard and other things at peace there will be plowed up, but this is not the case. The Kahu of Kawaiahao wants to flatten out the graveyard so that there are no humps or holes, to flatten out and fill in the depressions that lay open, and also to make a road for carts to travel on, and to grow shade trees like the greenery of other church yards. It is the truth, the bodies that lay in the yard and the bodies in the crypts will remain as is. Don’t get worked up over what you hear, lest you be shocked.

(Kuokoa, 4/27/1867, p. 3)

Ka pa kanu kupapau o Kawaiahao...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VI, helu 17, Aoao 3. Aperila 27, 1867.