A mysterious story from Keaukaha, 1915.


Written in the English-language newspaper, Hawaii Herald of Hilo, was a truly strange story about some Hawaiian women here in Keaukaha, and here are some of what we translated.

On this past Christmas, Kawaikuhea and Elena, women who live in Keaukaha, went to pick opihi on a rocky island off of Keaukaha; they swam out for perhaps close to a hundred yards. Elena jumped into the water first and Waikuhea followed, but Waikuhea was the first to reach the rocky island and began to pick opihi, but while she was picking opihi, she heard the cry of Elena saying, “Auwe, I am dying. Aloha to [my] grandchildren.” Kawaikuhea┬╣ looked to where Elena was floating, and saw her floating easily upon the water. Seeing her friend floating there, Kawaikuhea spoke to Elena, “Hey you blundering woman, swim over here and I will help you”. Continue reading