Enoch Wood Perry Jr. arrives, 1864.

An Artist.—Among the passengers by the Comet last week, was Mr. E. W. Perry, Jr., a portrait and landscape painter. A specimen of his work can be seen in the bookstore—being a portrait of Rev. Mr. Corwin. A glance at the picture is sufficient to satisfy any one that it is a perfect copy of the original, and that the person who executed it, has the skill of a true artist. Mr. Perry visits our islands to take views and paintings af our principal landscape scenery, and starts for Kilauea on Monday next in the steamer, via Kealakekua and Kau, intending to sketch the crater, Hilo and other scenery of that island worthy of being copied. We commend him to the attention of our friends wherever he may visit. While travelling through California, Mr. Perry was in company with Messrs. Williams and Bierstadt. The former will arrive here shortly. The latter having sold his fine painting of Yosemite Falls and Valley to a New York publishing house for $15,000, has gone East on business connected with the same. It was the intention of the three artists to visit our group in company. Messrs. Perry and Williams will undoubtedly succeed in taking some views that will be very valuable. Now while they are here, let us suggest that the Government secure their services to paint correct full-size portraits of the late King and His Majesty the present King, as also, perhaps, Queen Emma and Gov. Kekuanaoa, to be preserved as national property to adorn the Palace. It is so seldom genuine artists visit the islands that this opportunity should not be lost.

[Perry is the artist who painted the famous portrait of Ka Haku o Hawaii with his dog. He also seems to have painted a portrait of Levi Haalelea!

I am not sure who the Williams mentioned in the article is, but the other painter is most likely Albert Bierstadt.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 10/1/1864, p. 2)

An Artist.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume IX, Number 14, Page 2. October 1, 1864.

Portrait of Levi Haalelea, 1864.

[Found under: “NA MEA HOU O HAWAII NEI.”]

Portrait of Haalelea.—The haole which we spoke of the other week has painted a Portrait of Levi Haalelea who has passed, and it is now in the photography studio of Chase (Keiki). It remains victorious, and has not lessened at all, as if he is still living, it is just missing his voice coming forth.

[Here is the article mentioning the artist’s name. And here is another found in the Pacific Commercial Advertiser with more data.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of this painting by famous painter Enoch Wood Perry Jr.? I would appreciate it if you all might repost this article wherever you think an answer could be found!]

(Kuokoa, 12/24/1864, p. 2)

Ke Kii o Haalelea

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke III, Helu 52, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 24, 1864.

Enoch Wood Perry, Jr. in Hawaii, 1864.

[Found under: “NA MEA HOU O HAWAII NEI.”]

A HAOLE PAINTER OF PICTURES.—We are happy to announce to our fellow devotees of the newspaper, that here in Honolulu is a haole named Perry who is highly skilled in painting pictures, and very accurate are the features of the painting of the Reverend Corwin of Kaukeano Church,¹ of which we have seen the likeness. We have heard that the Royal family has decided to give the haole a job of this nature.

¹Kaukeano Church was located at the corner of Fort and Beritania Streets.

(Kuokoa, 12/10/1864, p. 2)

He haole pena kii...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke III, Helu 50, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 10, 1864.