More maps from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, 1540–1994.

Restored Maps from the Flood of 2004.

This is a collection of just a few of the many maps which were damaged by the flooding of Hamilton Library back in 2004 and which were subsequently cleaned and restored. They feature maps of the world including some of Hawaii nei.

New Perspectives on the History of Kalaupapa, 2013.

[This talk by Anwei Skinsnes Law should be put on your calendar. There is so much more to discover about those sent to Kalaupapa and Kalawao, and also about those who were left behind. Much of the first and second-hand accounts can be found within the pages of the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers!]

Garden Island newspaper online at Chronicling America! 2012.

One more awesome thing I wanted to note about Garden Island—You can look at old issues online from anywhere connected to the internet (from 5/2/1911 to 12/26/1922), thanks to Chronicling America. And not just that, but Maui News (2/17/1900 to 12/27/1918) and Hilo Tribune (1/2/1902 to 6/26/1906) as well!

For a current and complete list of all they have available at this moment (because they are always adding new pages), click here!

Hawaii’s Historical English-Language Newspapers Exhibit, 2012.

Hawaii Digital Newspaper Project

Check out the new exhibit at Hamilton Library on the 5th floor in the Hawaiian/Pacific Collections, of articles from Hawaii’s historical English-Language Newspapers. It sounds fun and informative. I will be headed over to check it out soon!

[Maybe there should be one done of the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers as well!]

Click here for more information!