Unclear online newspaper images, 2012.

I have been saying that much of the online images of the newspapers done by ulukau are unclear because they were taken from bad microfilms. This is often the case. However, I was just shown a page of Ka Leo o ka Lahui that someone has volunteered to manually type. The online image they received is the same image that is online. It is somewhat legible, but the bottom is totally unclear and would have resulted in strings of @s. I went to the microfilms, and they are actually legible. Here is how this one page compares.

Here is the image of the PDF online.

Here below is an image taken from the microfilm today [to see an enlarged image, click on the image twice]:

Leo o ka Lahui, 2/5/1892, p. 2

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 383, Aoao 2. Feberuari 5, 1892.

For those of you typing pages from this newspaper, you might try looking at the microfilms if you have access to them!

Vital Statistics, 1912.


William H. Batterly to Emma K. French, June 2.
Joshua D. Clanton to Beatrice Kuhoekinau [Kuheekinau?] Taylor, June 7.
R. Ray McEldowney to Grace Haapulou Robertson, June 12.
Abe Werner to Mary Kepaa, June 19.
Manuel C. Santos to Eliza [Elizabeth] Hannah Aylett, June 23.


To Paul W. Burns and Fannie Isabel Miles, a daughter, June 4.
To Frank L. Stone and Clementine Aiu, a daughter, June 18.
To Peter Naone and Makalei, a daughter, June 19.
To Carl A. G. Mertens and V. K. Beckley, a daughter, June 22.
To Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Hailele, a daughter, June 24.


Mrs. J. M. Kuai, on Marmion Street, June 16.
A baby of Clementine Aiu, on Punchbowl Street, June 18.
Keaka lalakea, on Makiki Avenue, June 19.
Mrs. Mailehune, at Kalihiwaena, June 20.
Luka Kaleikini, at the Kalihi Hospital, June 20.
A baby of Makalei, on Luso Street, June 20.
John L. Fern, on Kalakaua Avenue, June 23.
Diana Kapaikukui, on Queen Street, June 23.
Kapule, at the Insane Asylum, June 25.

[Figuring out what the names were under Marriages was particularly difficult and needed to be checked against various sources. It would be a smart thing to photograph the newspapers using today’s technology so that they are as clear as possible, before they crumble apart…]

(Kuokoa, 6/28/1912,  p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 26, Aoao 8. Iune 28, 1912.