Still lost? 1876 / 2015.

$100 REWARD!

Will be given to the one who returns Princess Likelike’s gold bracelet which was lost or stolen perhaps from her home soon after this past Christmas. This beautiful gold bracelet was set with three rubies. It was a gift from her lord brother, the King, and inscribed inside of the bracelet were the words in English as follows: “From KALAKAUA to Likelike.” If it is returned to my residence at Kaakopua, received will be the reward above.


Honolulu, January 21, 1876.

[Might anyone know where this is located today? Let’s bring it back!!]

(Kuokoa, 1/22/1876, p. 3)

$100 MAKANA!

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 4, Aoao 3. Ianuari 22, 1876.

First issue of “Ka Lahui Hawaii,” 1899.

Here is an image of the first page of the first issue of a daily paper called Ka Lahui Hawaii (1/28/1899). It was printed in Honolulu, and its editor was Charles L. Hopkins [Kale Hapakini].

The seal on the masthead reads, “MA KA LOKAHI KA LANAKILA” [IN UNITY IS VICTORY]. And the main part of the masthead reads “LAHUI HAWAII Kona mau Pono, Pomaikai, a Kulana Holomua.” [THE HAWAIIAN PEOPLE, Their Welfare, Prosperity, and Progress].

[Unfortunately this newspaper that runs from 1/28/1899 to 1905 is still not available digitally online.]

Lahui Hawaii

Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke 1, Helu 1, Aoao 1. Ianuari 28, 1899.