Death of Edward Kawaihoa Hanapi, 1930.

Edward Hanapi, Veteran County Employe, Dead

Following an illness of two years, Edward Kawaihoa Hanapi, 59, veteran county employe, died at the Queen’s hospital last night. Although ill for a long period, he was not confined to the hospital until during the last week.

Born on Molokai December 7, 1870, Hanapi would have been 60 years old next Saturday. Hanapi wad educated in the Kamehameha Schools and for many years was employed by the City and County as a record searcher. His friends in Honolulu and on the other islands are legion. Continue reading

Passing of Hattie Kuikahi, 1920.


Solomon Hanohano, Esq., Editor of the Kuokoa Newspaper, Aloha kaua:—Should there be an open space in your newspaper, please insert our bundle of tears that is placed above.

Hattie Kuikahi left us, her parents and her younger siblings on the 2nd of October, 1920.

She was born in Kahului, Maui, on June 28, 1899, from her mama, Hattie Kuikahi who passed on previously. My dear lei spent 21 years and 3 months breathing the chilly air, and she passed on. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 10/29/1920.


William Kawai to Alice Mahoe, Oct. 13
S. L. Kekumano to Eva G. Stone, Oct. 14.
Frank G. Pestana to Isabella Rasmussen, Oct. 16.
L. Kalaukapu to Sarah Kapua, Oct. 16.
Thomas Kanahele to Annie K. Smith, Oct. 16.
Pam Roy to Agnes Naone, Oct. 18.
Lo Kaina to Emaline Keohokii, Oct. 18.
James M. Kahaloa to Malia Kamahu, Oct. 19.
Fred W. Klug to Dora M. Pokamia, Oct. 21.
Roy G. Canghron to Abbie K. Hall, Oct. 23. Continue reading