John Harvey Coney quells uprising, 1868.


The news of the outrages on life and property, by the religious fanatics in the district of Kona, had scarcely reached the Government on Wednesday night, when orders were given at once to protect the life and property of the peaceable inhabitants of the district and to restore everywhere the authority of the law in the most prompt and energetic manner. An armed force, under command of Governor Dominis, consisting of 5 officers and 75 men Household Troops, 4 officers and 52 men of the Light Artillery Company (Volunteers) with one 6 pounder field-piece, was placed at the disposal of the Attorney General. At a quarter to 2 p. m. on Thursday, the 22d, the expedition, fully organized, made sail on board the schooners Kamaile and Prince for Lahaina, which port it reached next morning, and where it was transhipped with all possible speed on board the steamer Kilauea, the Governor  Nahaolelua of Maui joining the expedition,to which also Dr. Lee was attached for medical assistance. Continue reading

Those arrested participating in the “Wilcox Rebellion,” 1889.


Here below is the true list of revolutionists who are to be put before a jury in the coming October, after being arraignment by the Police Court [Aha Hoomalu]:

Treason—R. W. Wilcox, A. Loomens, Alex. Smith, H. P. Kauaeahu (Malulani), H. Kaaha, B. H. Kahananui, A. S. Mahaulu, J. M. Poepoe. Total 8.

Conspiracy—T. P. Spencer, S. E. Kaiue, D. W. Kahuakai, Sam Hook, Hamaia, Kaona, Kukaulalii, A. K. Palekaluhi, E. H. Mahuka, S. K. Pua, George Kaili, Kailianu, Kanikalio, Kalili, Pamalo, Manuel Kaaua, J. Kuamoo, Kauhikoa, Kahoomahele, Ho Fon, James Kauhane. Total 21.

Rioting—L. Kaimmoku, Kaalokai, J. W. H. Wahineaua, Sam Leleo, George Maxwell, Adam Kaeo, John Kaai, Kahukula, R. Palau, Nahinalau, William Ferry, Pupule, Naihe, Hoomanawanui, S. Kila, Auwae, Kawehena, Solomon Kahalehili, Nakai, Keoni Palau, John Kelii, Kuaumoana, Kamaikaaloa, Kamehana, Manu, M. Makaluhi, Palikapu, Keawe, Makolo, James Kamakee, Kamaka, Loheole, Keoni Hapa, George Baker. Total 34.

These are those left who were not arraigned before the Police Court, J. E. Bush, George Markham, R. N. Boyd, Kamai, Walu, Gaberiela, and J. Kanoa.

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 8/24/1889, p. 3)


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke XII, Helu 34, Aoao 3. Augate 24, 1889.

David Malo and a prediction, 1894.

The prediction of David Malo.

Nearly 50 years ago, after the sunday service was let out from the Wainee Church in Lahaina, while it was Davida Malo who gave the prayer that sunday, Kaahumanu said to Davida Malo, “Our missionaries are good.” Davida Malo then replied to Kaahumanu, “The missionaries of ours will conspire against us [kipi].

“Tsa! How will they revolt, being that it was they who brought the word of God?” To which Davida Malo answered, “Perhaps they will not revolt, but the children after them, and the grandchildren after them; they will be the rebels.

“And the Alii who is ruling as Monarch at the time, that Alii will stand bare. And the Nation built then, that is the Nation that will stand securely.”

How astonishing is this great foresight of David Malo! and everything he predicted [wanana] has come true, except one remains, and then everything will have come true.

And we believe that all of this will come true.

(Leo o ka Lahui, 9/7/1894, p. 2)

Ka wanana a David Malo.

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 1022, Aoao 2. Sepatemaba 7, 1894.