Edward W. Barnard dies, 1919.

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Judge Barnard [Lunakanawai Banada] formerly of Laupahoehoe died in the City of Berkley. He was a kamaaina of this Island, and to him belongs the Stores standing in the famous valley of Laupahoehoe. It was a long time since he moved to that place where he lived last.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 1/16/1919, p. 3)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XII, Helu 33, Aoao 3. Ianuari 16, 1919.

The latest from Hilo, 1898.


Mr. Editor of the Greatest Prize of the Hawaiian People:

Aloha oe:—Please include this bit of news from here in North Hilo.

On the first of this month, Pakele, Iaukea, Laika, Kalei, and Lahapa went to go pick opihi on the shore of Waipunalei, and upon their return, they climbed up the pali. Lahapa was the first to climb up and the rest followed. When they reached the midpoint up the pali, a rocked dislodged and hit Lapaha square on the chest and he rolled down the pali, and because of the love of God, he was caught on a pandanus tree that was burned earlier in a fire. It was 40 feet high from where he tumbled from to where he was caught. Therefore, O my sisters and brothers and younger siblings, don’t go pick opihi again and return upland of the pali, lest you end up dying. Continue reading