The pillow mele for Kaahumanu, and the power of the newspapers, 1907.

One reason why the newspapers were/are so important was because they were “immediate,” just as I suppose Facebook and Twitter is today. One person claims something in the newspaper one day, and a few days later you could see more information or contradicting information by someone else, and not necessarily even in the same newspaper. Because people back in the day wanted the latest news, they would subscribe to the different newspapers being printed at the time, or at least would share them with each other. Continue reading

Kaahumanu’s pillow, 1907.


To the Editor of the Kuokoa, Aloha oe:

In the Kuokoa of the 26th of April 1907, I saw a Mele Kanikau for Queen Kaahumanu composed by David Malo in 1834, and this kanikau was printed in “Ka Hae Hawaii” in 1856. David Malo himself composed it. Continue reading