More from the Deshas, 1944.

Our Day


Kealakekua, Thursday, April 27, 1944. This morning the Rev. Desha went down to Kailua, to the Kona Inn, to fetch his namesake grandchild, Winona Beamer. She had a friend with her. The Rev. Desha went with our first child, Stephen Desha III, to take Winona Beamer and her friend to Hale o Keawe at Honaunau. They saw the Stone of Keoua [Pohaku a Keoua], the stone konane board, the stone with holes to bury the umbilical cord of babies of those days, the stone that Kaahumanu used to hide from Kamehameha with, and the stone god figures.

After their tour was over they returned to Napoopoo and saw the Monument to Opukahaia and the bay of Kealakekua. And after that was done, they came back to our home to eat lunch. After lunch, we had an enjoyable time with Winona Beamer with the piano and all of us singing.

At 2:00 p. m., a haole arrived, Mr. Lester, a friend of these girls, and we all went to Huehue, to the home of those friends, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Vredenberg [Vredenburg]. We spent a pleasant time with Mrs. Vredenberg and saw her drawings of all sorts of flowers. One of her pictures was of the flower of the Hawaiian ape. These drawings were not small, they were big indeed. The length of this drawing is around three feet while the width is about two feet and a half. If you look at this drawing, it looks as if it is growing in the picture. After enjoying our time, we turned back and the visitors returned to the Kona Inn.

Friday, April 28, 1944. At 9:00 this morning, the two of us went to the Dentist [Hale Kauka huki niho] and had a checkup. My tooth was chipped from eating the charred skin from a kalua pig. I ate it because it was tasty, and alas my tooth became chipped. I was so lucky, the doctor said it was not a big thing to insert a new tooth, and that is what he will do.

[This was a fun account, perhaps mostly because I know the awesome daughter of Theodore and Beatrice Vredenburg!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 5/10/1944, p. 1)

Ko Maua La

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIX, Number 3, Aoao 1. Mei 10, 1944.

Winona Kapuailohia Desha Beamer, 1943.

[Found under: “News From Boys, Girls Kamehameha Schools”]

By Pilialoha Hopkins

Miss Winona Kapuailohia Desha Beamer, a graduate of the Kamehameha Schools for Girls, class of ’41, returned from Barnard college, New York.

While she was there Winona was studying in the fields of ethnology and anthropology.

Because of health condition Miss Beamer will remain in the islands for some time. She hopes to continue her study after the war.

While a student at Kamehameha, Winona was engaged in various activities some being, class president, a member of Hui Kumolipo [Kumulipo], a piano and organ pupil, a member of the choir, silver and gold pin student, and was awarded upon graduation a scholarship to Colorado Women’s college. While in school she also won the Clarke-English award and was interested a great deal in relationship and study of the early Hawaiians and Polynesians.

Winona is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pono Beamer of Waikiki, Oahu. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carl Beamer of Hilo, Hawaii.

At present, Winona has two brothers Francis and Cleighton and a sister Flora attending Kamehameha. Also at Kam she has four cousins, Milton, Edwin, and Helen Beamer, and Helen Walker.

[This was a regular column on the happenings at Kamehameha Schools in the Hoku o Hawaii, and the articles were composed by the students, sometimes in English, and sometimes in Hawaiian.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/14/1943, p. 2)

By Pilialoha Hopkins

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVII, Number 51, Aoao 2. Apelila 14, 1943.