Far reaching influence of Hawaiian lauhala, 1911.

[Found in: M. McInerny, Ltd. advertisement]


Baltimore is headquarters for the finest grade of straw braids for hats for men and boys. Even lauhala from Hawaii is sent to Baltimore to be sewn into hats that bring high prices in the cities on the mainland. We have the genuine Baltimore braids in the straws we sell. Also we have the gigh standard Panama hats, woven in the Canal Zone and sewn and finished by Christy in London.

(Maui News, 12/2/1911, p. 7)


Maui News, Volume XVIII, Number 41, Page 7. December 2, 1911.

Hala exhibit coming to the Bishop Museum, 2015.

It seems that the Museum is having an exhibit on weaving starting the end of this week. Maybe go check it out if you are on Oahu.

The beauty and significance of hala is woven throughout our history and throughout this exhibit. In ancient times, the sails of voyaging canoes were plaited of hala, and utilitarian hala baskets and mats were commonplace. The introduction of foreign items that replaced Hawaiʻi-made mats and baskets encouraged weavers to further their creativity, leading to a distinctive and truly exquisite Hawaiian style of lau hala hats that are coveted and treasured as fine art.

Nani i ka Hala