Pickled mango recipe, 1926.



1 c. sugar; ½ c. vinegar, add a few cloves and pepper corn.

2 c. half-ripe fruit, cut into small pieces. Boil until tender.

(Advertiser, 5/28/1926, p. 7)


Honolulu Advertiser, 70th Year, Number 13,990, Page 7. May 28,  1926.

Whether it be 1926 or 2020, receiving a gift of pickled mangoes is a precious thing.



Letter pertaining to plight of William Kanui, 1863.

Pertaining to  William Tennoee [William Tenoee] Alias Kanui.

We heard from Rev. S. C. Damon, the Pastor at the Bethel Church [ka Halepule Betela] at Polelewa, Honolulu, that he received a letter from San Francisco, pertaining to the old Hawaiian that is living in that city, that being the one named above, and he is living there in severe poverty and in difficulty. Kanui has been living in foreign lands since a long time ago, perhaps more than fifty years. Continue reading