Licensed lawyers of the Kingdom, 1870.

Lawyers.—By the following list of attorneys licensed to practice in the Courts, published by the Clerk of the Court, it would appear that the people of this Kingdom are not likely to suffer for want of legal advice. Among the names will be found that of the third Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the latter of whom at least, condescends to furnish legal advice for a valuable consideration:

Austin, James W.
Davis, R. G.
Dole, S. B.
Harris, C. C.
Harris, Frank H.
Halai, James D. Continue reading

Practicing attorneys in the Kingdom, 1885.

LIST OF NAMES OF THE LAWYERS WHO ARE APPROVED to conduct business in the Supreme Court and below, and who are residing in this Nation:

S. L. Austin ….. September 8, 1852
S. W. Mahelona ….. October 30, 1856
J. Kauai ….. February 2, 1857
Jona Kupau ….. Feberuary 19, 1857
H. J. Wana ….. March 5, 1857
Z. Kakani ….. May 5, 1857
J. Kaluhi ….. August 25, 1857
D. H. Hikikoki [D. H. Hitchcock] ….. October 12, 1857
E. G. Hikikoki [E. G. Hitchcock] ….. January 19, 1857 Continue reading