Hui Manuihi formation, 1938.

Hilo Bird Lovers Form New Club

HILO, Nov. 2—Hilo’s first bird club, which is affiliated with the National Association of Audubon Societies, met last night at the Hilo Center.

Members in attendance were: Mrs. Robert Baldwin, president; B. D. Chilson, first vice president; L. W. Branch, second vice president; Miss Ethel Tomoguchi, treasurer; and Mrs. Peter Arioli, secretary. The club adopted Manuihi Society as its official name.

[I was wondering for a while what the Hui Manuihi referred to. See this earlier post about a report on the apapane given by the Hui Manuihi.]

(Advertiser, 11/4/1938, p. 4)

Honolulu Advertiser, 83rd Year, Number 18,668, Page 4. November 4, 1938.

Ohia forests, 1920.


“Thousands of dollars worth of ohia trees in the district of Kohala, Hawaii, will be destroyed in five years if there is nothing done to save that forest,” reported Representative Uluihi on Monday, one of the members of the committee of the house of representatives who went with some of the members of his committee to Kohala to see the state of the forests of Kohala. Continue reading