Double wedding at the home of Samuel Parker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1892.

Double Wedding.

At the hour of 11 in the midday, April 26, at the festooned residence here in Honolulu nei of His Excellency [ka Mea Mahalo ia] Samuel Parker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, joined together by Rev. A. Mackintosh were Charles Maguire and Miss Mary H. Parker, the first born of the Minister, honored by the groomsman and bridesmaid [ku aoao], Palmer Woods and Miss Kamakee Cummins. At the same time and place, by that same pastor, Mr. Robert R. Hind Jr. and Miss Hannah Low were joined together, honored by the groomsman and bridesmaid, William Wright and Miss Hassinger. Amongst those who came to witness this distinguished marriage were the Alii the Queen, Continue reading

J. W. H. Isaac Kiha report from Puuanahulu, 1921.


The ever-shining Hoku of beloved Hawaii. The famous Editor and the outstanding skilled metal-type team. Much esteem!

Christmas day has gone with its wondrous nature, and gone too are the first whirling blustery winds of Christmas and the drenching raindrops. Continue reading