Lava destroys the village of Hoopuloa, Kona. 1926.

The Harbor of Hoopuloa is Destroyed by Lava.

On this past Sunday [4/18/1926], the fire of woman of Mokuaweoweo appeared and reached the sea and it swept aside the things blocking its path. When it got close to the upland of Hoopuloa, the flow of lava separated into two, and one of the flows went straight for the village of Hoopuloa and the harbor, and the second flow went towards the village of Milolii. The fiery lava engulfed the harbor and village of Hoopuloa, and now they are but a heap of pahoehoe lava.

According to eyewitnesses of this engulfing lava, it was frightening seeing the lava coming down, and others say that it was truly awesome watching the flowing lava and its sweeping aside of all obstructions in its path.

The last word heard before the the Hoku went to the press was that this Wondrous Woman of Halemaumau returned to her Palace at Kilauea, and she is bringing to life her fires at the famed crater of Halemaumau.

Perhaps her rage has been quenched as the skin of that woman has touched the sea, but the memory of the tragedy which befell the people of that section of Kona is heartbreaking.

[And check out this awesome picture of the tragic event taken by Tai Sing Loo, put up by the Hawaiian Historical Society!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/20/1926, p. 2)

Pau ka Uwapo o Hoopuloa i ke Ahi Pele

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIX, Helu 48, Aoao 2. Aperila 20, 1926.

More donations for the anti-annexation petitions committee, 1898.


Honolulu, Feb. 26, 1898.

I have Six dollars and sixty cents ($6.60) for the well-being of the Representatives of the nation, from J. D. B. Kuakahela from the Pres. of the Members of the Patriotic League of Hoopuloa, South Kona, Island of Hawaii; it was sent along with a list of names of the Patriots who donated the money, and we are publishing it in the newspaper Loea Kalaiaina. Thank you very much to you all.

J. K. Kaunamano

Vice President,

Enoch Johnson

Head Secretary.


J. D. B. Kuakahela, 50 ”

Kapapa, 25 ”

Sela, 25 ”

D. S. Kaui, 25 ”

Kukana, 25 ”

Makaula, 25 ”

Samuela, 25 ”

Mia, 25 ”

Keao, 10 ”

Waiwaiole, 25 ”

Gomaka, 25 ”

Peniamina, 25 ”

Kekao, 25 ”

A. L. Kapawai, 50 ”

Kaiwakapu, 25 ”

Mahoe, 25 ”

Kaanaana, 50 ”

Annie, 25 ”

D. W. Pohina, 50 ”

Kema Puako, 25 ”

Ai Pake, 50 ”

Pauila, 50 ”

Total, $6.60

J. D. B. Kuakahela


(Loea Kalaiaina, 3/21/1898, p. 3)


Ka Loea Kalaiaina, Buke II, Helu 12, Aoao 3. Maraki 21, 1898.