Walter McBryde purchases Kukuiolono, 1907.

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All of the interests of the estate of the late L. Ahlo in the rice industry were bought at auction sale on Monday by Jas. F. Morgan, trustee, and have since been incorporated under the name of Kaneohe Rice Mill Co., Ltd., with a capital of $50,000, the incorporators being Arnim Haneburg, W. Pfotenhauer, Geo. Rodiek, August Humburg and P. Bartels.

An agreement of sale has been made by the government with Walter McBryde for the mountain lot of Kukuiolono, in the Kalaheo tract, Kauai. The price is $894, one-tenth deposited on signing of papers, and the purchaser agrees to plant 3000 trees every year for ten years on the land. At the end of that period he is to receive a deed of the lot. The purpose of the agreement is stated to be conservation of the forest and of its water resources.


(Sunday Advertiser, 1/13/1907, p. 4)


Sunday Advertiser, Volume V, Number 211, Page 4. January 13, 1907.

Treasures spread across the four corners of the earth? 1906.

Auction Sale

Tourists! Collectors!

Thursday, Feb. 1, 1906,

10 O’CLOCK A. M.,

At my salesroom, 847 Kaahumanu Street, I will sell, under instruction from the Administrators of the Estate of


the eminent Hawaiian collector, the following ancient and other relics of

Ancient Chiefs

Pig Platters,


Cocos (Calabash Nets),


Stone Adzes,

Stone Lamps,

Mike Stones,

Poi Pounders,

49 Fans,

2 Kauila Aumakuas (War Spears),

2 Hula Drums (Ancient),

1 Idol—Kukaili-iki—One of Kamehameha’s War Gods,

1 Ipu Hula (Gourd Drum),

1 Pawehe Calabash,

1 Pawehe Water Bottle,

1 Newa (War Club),

2 Bamboo Cushions,

1 Hinai Opae,

2 Samoan War Clubs,

1 Koko (Ancient),

1 Black Kapa (Burial),

1 Lauhala Hall Mat,

7 Samoan Cocoanut Bowls,

1 Lauhala Bag,

1 Case Stuffed Hawaiian Birds,

1 Aumakua,

1 Kauila Kahili Stick,

1 Kahili Stick (Tortoise) and Ivory (Ancient),

2 Emu Eggs,

1 Carved Coco Bank,

1 Large Show Case,

4 Lei Hulus (Native Birds),

1 Samoan War Club,

1 Moss Album.



(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 1/29/1906, p. 8)

Auction Sale

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, XLIII, Number 7324, Page 8. January 29, 1906.