Leleiohoku, the Prince Regent, 1874.


By His Highness


Before the Citizens at Ewa, Oahu.

[Ewa’s makaainana are surely very proud that they were victorious, hearing the words from His Highness, the Chief, and the Crowned Prince of the Nation, W. P. Leleiohoku, on Saturday, April 25, 1874. Because of the excellence of the content, and that this is the very first of his speeches, and because of the great desire and admiration for it, therefore, we are putting it before the public to admire it for themselves, to see the intelligent expression from the Young Prince. Ed.]

O Citizens:—My naau¹ is filled with joy to see upon your faces this day, a sign telling me that your loving hearts are encouraged by the astute remarks of our King spoken of in his royal address pertaining to one of the foundations of His Kingdom, that being

“The Increase of the Lahui.”

The is an important question which our King puts before you, and not just you, but before all of the citizens of His Kingdom from Hawaii to Kauai; it is a wide, deep, and lingering question. And this is the appropriate time for us to raise this question to consider it, being that the lahui continues to decrease, from the conditions as shown in the dark ages gone by.

As I speak on the subject of this question, let us look to the future, and consider the character of the One who asked this question, that being our current King. He did not simply take up [lawe kamako²] this endeavor, or do it on his own; he carefully considered it, trusting in your patience in helping Him in search out means to rejuvenate this lahui. Continue reading