Queen’s Hospital news from George Pooloa, 1930.


(Written by George Pooloa)

John Young is a grandchild of Queen Emma. Here at Queen Emma Hall [Kuini Ema Holo], the precious gifts from Britain are being cared for. In this Hall you can see antiquities of times gone by along with portraits of Queen Emma; Kamehameha IV, Liholiho; and the Prince, Kahakuohawaii. The favorite of Kamehameha IV was dogs, and when he was done eating, he would say, “That tiny pig was so delicious.”

[This is one of many articles written by George Pooloa in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers. Many of his contributions are historical accounts. See here for an excerpt of one of them speaking of the naming of Hanauma: naneaarmstrongwassel on instagram  (as well as all the other articles!)

Does anyone know what became of these portraits and the other antiquities mentioned in this article?]

(Alakai o Hawaii, 2/20/1930, p. 3)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 2, Helu 43, Aoao 3. Feberuari 20, 1930.

Kamehameha School for Girls advertisement, 1894.

Kamehameha School for Girls.

The First Term of Kamehameha Girls’ School opens


Applications for admission may be addressed Miss Pope, either at Kamehameha Manual, or Miss Pope will be in the Hawaiian Kindergarten Room, Queen Emma Hall, Saturday mornings, from 9 to 12, where she will be pleased to meet applicants. The tuition is fifty dollars a year. No applicants received under 12 years of age.

[How things have changed!]

(Hawaiian Gazette, 10/23/1894, p. 6)

Kamehameha School for Girls.

The Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XXIX, Number 84, Page 6. October 23, 1894.