Memorial Day, 1908

[Found under: “Nuhou Kuloko”]

Don’t forget to get ready while you can with decorations for the coming Memorial Day; your needs can be satisfied at Hawaiian Nursery, at 1812 Punchbowl Street.

(Kuokoa, 5/15/1908, p. 5)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIII, Helu 20, Aoao 5. Mei 15, 1908.
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Passing of Mrs. Kauhane Kanahele, 1922.



O Mr. Editor:—Please give me some open space of your paper, so that the fellows and friends will know that Mrs. Kauhane Kanahele has left this life.

For many months past she was wasting away with sickness, and a cure was sought in any way that would keep her alive; however, because of the strength of the sickness which she suffered, the silver thread was severed, and the bucket at the spring was smashed, and she went to sleep the sleep of all seasons; and it is with great sorrow and endless aloha that I grieve for her.

Mrs. Kauhane Kanahele was born at Keei, South Kona, Hawaii, in the month of May, 1864. There were two of them, two girls from the same loins; her elder sister died first, that being Mrs. Oneha. She married a man earlier in her youth, and from the two of them there are two children surviving; a son in America, and a daughter living with her many children. Continue reading

Memorial Day advertisement, 1907.

Flowers for Memorial Day.

You can find Daisies, Marigolds [Hope Oioi],* Ferns, and many other varieties, for a very reasonable price at the Nursery of S. K. Nakapaahu (Hawaiian Nursery) mauka of Auwaiolimu. Therefore, don’t forget to visit to buy your flowers there for the coming Memorial Day [La Kau Pua].

*Marigolds are usually known by the more common “Okole Oioi”.

(Aloha Aina, 5/25/1907, p. 7)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XII, Helu 21, Aoao 7. Mei 25, 1907.