Vital Statistics from 1912 and some other thoughts… 2012.

In just one more week, all of the regular Vital Statistics columns printed in the Kuokoa from one-hundred years ago in 1912 will be name searchable. However, the other articles announcing births, deaths, and marriages from the Kuokoa and the other newspapers of that year (Kuokoa Home Rula, Aloha Aina, and Au Hou) have not all been posted here…

I am hoping that sometime soon the pages done by the 6,500 volunteers this summer with Ike Kuokoa will be up and searchable online. The last official report said that the pages would be up a couple of days after La Kuokoa (November 28), 2012.

If it is a matter of all of the pages not being ready for uploading, perhaps it would be best for morale (and research) if the pages that are currently ready are put up now, with the rest to be posted as they get done. A listing of the newly-uploaded pages would also be very useful as well as a listing of the pages that were “completed” by the volunteers but aren’t ready for uploading.

Vital Statistics, 1912.


Christian Keick to Mary Genet, Nov. 30.
Tanaka to Pahu’a, Dec. 13.
Kilina Kelesia to Kalualiilii, Dec. 14.


To John Huihui and Margaret Davidson, a daughter, Nov. 17.
To Lee Sam and Kipola Kueneku, a son, Dec. 23.
To Henry J. Wilting [?] and Julia Kaauakane, a daughter, Nov. 30.
To Obed K. Kanaona [? Kapaona] and Hattie Makia, a daughter, Dec. 3.
To Albert A. Meyer and Meaala Kinney, a daughter, Dec. 1.
To Charles W. Kahawai and Kaite Manoa, a daughter, Dec. 12.
To Edwin Kahiona and Rebecca Kamakaeha, a daughter, Dec. 17.


Kapahukoa Kiai, on Waiakamilo Street, Dec. 13.
Ben Pohokolohia, at Leahi Home, Dec. 13.
John Elemia, at Queen’s Hospital, Dec. 15.
John Schutte, on King Street, Dec. 13.
Mainalulu, at the Insane Asylum, Dec. 13.
A baby of Maryann Akaka, at Kapiolani Home, Dec. 15.
Mary Rose, on Silva Lane, Dec. 17.

(Kuokoa, 12/20/1912, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 51, Aoao 8. Dekemaba 20, 1912.