Catholic clergy arrive, including someone named Damien, 1864.

[Found under: “NEWS OF HAWAII NEI.”]

New Teachers and Nuns.—With the docking of the ship R. W. Wood, from Europe, on the Saturday of this past week [March 19, 1864], arrived aboard her was some new Priests and some student priests and Nuns [Virikina] of the Roman Catholics [Katolika oiaio]. Here below are their names:

Chretien Willemsem, Damien Devenster [De Veuster], Lieven Von Hateren, Clement Evrard, Eutrope Bianc, Ayman Pradeyrol.

The names of the Nuns.

Theodora Elfering, Belina Richters, Dolores Gautreau, Marie Stanislas Verelst, Marie Laurence Aussera, Germania Delanoue, Arna Besseling, Gudula Besseling, Abse Oursel, and Spiridione Leroy.

(Kuokoa, 3/26/1864, p. 2)

Mau Kumu a me na Virikini Hou.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke III, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Maraki 26, 1864.

A glimpse into the beginnings of Kuokoa Home Rula, 1902.



The Organ of the Home Rule Party Draws the Color and the Sectarian Line.

The “Kuokoa Home Rula” contains the following based on the statement that efforts are being made in Congress to amend the electoral qualification in Hawaii.

The Kuokoa Home Rula is the organ of the Home Rule party and is said to be edited by George Markham and Senator Kalauokalani.

“On the Tuesday just passed information was received by us which is important news for the Hawaiian people, and which may cause us all to weep. This will result if the task of strangling us, a la pig, is successfully accomplished by the mercenaries of our enemies, who are struggling in their efforts to influence the Congress of United States of America, Hartwell was sent by the rattle-brained Governor Dole and the Missionary Protestant Republican party to oppose us and deprive us of ‘manhood suffrage,’ the right which was given us by the United States of America, our Father Government—the right to vote.

“A bill has been prepared by these parties to be presented to Congress; to the Senate and the House of Representatives; limiting the qualifications of the native Hawaiian in the right of suffrage. The Nation should be ever watchful in the future and should jealously guard and protect this precious right, for it means our existence or our destruction. These are the doing of the Protestant Missionary Republicans, who are so unreasonably embittered and so venomous that we may be poisoned by their touch—like unto the fangs of the death-dealing snake. This is really the work of a venomous snake, with jealousies and animosities emplanted within its breast and which with malice seeks the destruction of we of the Hawaiian Race. Not satisfied with our being buried alive in Kalaupapa and Kalawao, they are now doing all in their power to deprive the Hawaiians, we of the brown skins, of all of our rights.

“Auwe! Auwe! Ka make o ka Lahui e. Here we are; whither are we floating? The graves for our burial are now being dug by the Republicans.

“These people are hunting us down to strangle us as pigs; they are all of the same flock. Therefore they must be remembered at the next election (Then follows a list of senators and representatives of the Republican party.) They must be remembered by the people. You supported them and carried them through at the last campaign, and as a result of your work they turned upon you and spat in your eyes.

“You should not be carried away again by the smoothness of their talk. They are now perpetrating one of the blackest of deeds, worse than the committing of murder, for this reason, that the only life taken is that of the person murdered, but in this case it will be the death of all the race.

“This political party is now making an effort to take away from us our rights to the ballot, and now they have turned to smite those who voted for them at the last election.

“Therefore ye must be sound in the teachings of the race, and must remember those who are downing you, the open hearted Hawaiians, with such injustice and ingratitude.”

In addition it is stated that a representative will be sent to Washington to oppose any such measure, and that petitions against it are being circulated for signatures among the Hawaiians.

[I wonder what the rest of the Kuokoa Home Rula was like in its early days! Hopefully, there are still originals hiding somewhere in the world and they will be unearthed soon!!]

(Hawaiian Star, 2/5/1902, p. 5)


The Hawaiian Star, Volume IX, Number 3085, Page 5. February 5, 1902.

And yet another newspaper closes its doors, 1912.

Last Words of Aloha from the Esteemed Newspaper, Kuokoa Home Rula


No More Will You See Its Delicate Body with Its Columns Festooned with Foreign and Domestic News; the Activities of the Coming Legislature will Not be Seen by You.

Today we publish the last issue of this Year, and after 11 years of appearing continuously before its readership, and this Newspaper fighting fearlessly and independently in all manner for the rights of this Lahui through Politics; its ideals led for justice and truth in all things, so that nothing done to harm our People would be hidden, nor corrupt actions seen steering the government; the Newspaper KUOKOA HOME RULA fought the lopsided and unfair laws being made by the lawmakers to the detriment of Hawaii, and you all know, O You Readers from its start, know of its fight, until this day; the Lahui did not in the least listen to its guidance, and therefore, we will not be able to stand again and lead you in the future because you, the Lahui, didn’t heed the advice of this Spokesman for you and for us all; and so we must stop the publication of this newspaper and this will be the last you’ll see of this, the Newspaper Kuokoa Home Rula appearing before you, the Reader, for all times. This is its last Issue, and with the close of this Newspaper with it never to rise again, you all will not see what happens in the upcoming year, this important year in which we believed you were to see and understand the bills of the incoming law makers on February 20, 1913, that being the work of the legislature.This newspaper was continuously published for 11 years, without missing a single Issue, so that the reader cannot criticize us for our ending its publication.

We regret greatly that the intent to end this paper by the Owner of this newspaper didn’t come at a good time for we have Thoughtful Advice for the good of our Lahui and our Political Party from here forth, as we assumed this paper would go forward to fight until the last man; however in the last moments without our previous knowledge, we received the order to inform the Public that the continued publication of this newspaper Kuokoa Home Rula for 1913 was ended. How sad for the Lahui who will have no spokesman. And we offer our Happy New Year to the readers of this newspaper which will be done for all time. Aloha once again to you all.

[Most of the issues from 1902–1907 of Kuokoa Home Rula are sadly not extant. Please look in closets and in boxes under the house, maybe there will be surviving pages!

Editor {Lunahooponopono}: Charles K. Notley, Managing Editor {Lunahooponopono Hoohana}: D. Kalauokalani, Sr., Business Manager {Luna Hoohana}: J. Kamainalulu, Publisher: Charles K. Notley, Owner {Ona}: Charles K. Notley]

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 12/26/1912, p. 1)

Ka Leo Aloha Hope loa o ka Hiwahiwa ka Nupepa Kuokoa Home Rula

Kuokoa Home Rula, Buke X, Helu 52, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 26, 1912.