Exciting news from Chronicling America, 2013.

I just received an email from the Library of Congress saying that Chronicling America has been updated to included 600,000 more pages of newspapers, including some from Hawaii nei!

I am excited that we can now search the Polynesian (5/18/1844 to 4/25/1863) as well as the Pacific Commercial Advertiser (7/2/1856 to 12/29/1883)!

Check out the list of available Hawaii newspapers here!

And don’t forget that you can find Hawaii related news not only in Hawaii newspapers… Hawaiians travelled everywhere, and Hawaii got news coverage across the globe.

Admiral Richard Thomas honored once again, 1857.


By order of the King, the Chief [Kamehameha IV], it is hereby proclaimed that in order to show the aloha of his Nation at the passing of Admiral Richard Thomas, the one who returned the islands of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Flag on the 31st of July, 1843 to the King recently deceased, seventeen minute guns [pu minuke] will be fired from Puowaina [the fort at Punchbowl] at 12 o’clock on this day, and the Alii will go into mourning and all of the officers of the King’s government shall wear black crepe [hoailona kanikau] on their left arm for fifteen days.

M. KEKUANAOA, Chief Chamberlain [Haku Puuku],

Office of the Chamberlain [Oihana Puuku], 12th of Dec., 1857.

(Hae Hawaii, 12/16/1857, p. 150.)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou.—Helu 38, Aoao 150. Dekemaba 16, 1857.