A sailor’s song, 1919.


Makemake au e ike ia Kaleponi,
I kela aina a ka nani me ka maikai i noho ai,
Maikai aku ke kaikuono o Hukekona,
O ka oi aku no o Laehao me Aukaki,
He home aloha ia na ka holokahiki; Continue reading

Immigrants brought by the Maunaloa, 1869.

Sandwich Island Jots.

Dates from Honolulu by the bark D. C. Murray, are to June 19th. The following items are furnished by the Commercial Advertiser:

The Mauna Loa sailed from Honolulu on the 15th of February last, for islands north or south of the Equator, where she was to procure bonded laborers for the Board of Immigration. Continue reading

Critique of the immigration policy, 1869.

The Hawaiian Coolie Trader, the Bark Maunaloa.

The Bark “Maunaloa” has been fitted out by the Hawaiian Government for a cruise among the various groups of the South Pacific, for the purpose of obtaining coolies for service upon our sugar plantations.

Our next door neighbor, Mr. Damon, in the “Friend” of this month, pronounces his benediction upon the bark, and bids the enterprise God-speed. We can neither say amen to his benediction, nor join with him in wishing the enterprise success. Continue reading