Sereno E. Bishop reports on Nihoa, 1885.


Geological and Topographical Report Upon Nihoa, or Bird Island.

Surveyed July 22, 1885, by Sereno E. Bishop.

Hon. W. D. Alexander, Surveyor-General of the Hawaiian Kingdom:

Sir: I was employed by you to proceed with the excursion party of H. R. H. Princess Liliuokalani, Mr. Jaeger and others, to Nihoa, or Bird Island, per steamer Iwalani, and make such topographical survey thereof as circumstances should allow, also to observe the geology of the island. Continue reading

Sereno Bishop to report on trip to Nihoa, 1885.

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An article on Nihoa by Rev. S. E. Bishop, will be published next week. It will be of scientific value as well as literary interest.

(Saturday Press, 8/1/1885, p. 3)


Saturday Press, Volume V,  Number 48, Page 3. August 1, 1885.