Not in our neighborhood, 1920.


In a petition signed by 192 citizens residing near to the Pa Ola Hospital [Halema’i Pa Ola] in Kapalama, which was put before the board of supervisors [papa lunakiai] at the meeting this past Tuesday; made clear in the petition was that the Pa Ola Hospital had become something which threatens their lives, and they asked that the hospital be moved elsewhere. The petition was read and placed in the hands of the committee of that board, while asking that the committee meet with the board of health without delay. Continue reading

Pa Ola Day Camp used for flu patients, 1920.

City To Use Pa-ola Camp For Flu Patients

Dr. A. K. Hanchett, city physician, was instructed by the board of supervisors last night to place all influenza cases taken from tenements and congested districts to the Pa-ola camp [Pa Ma’i Pa Ola] at the Palama Settlement, and pay for them out of the hospital fund. The motion was made by Supervisor Lester Petrie.

(PCA, 2/4/1920, p. 3)

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 11858, Page 3. February 4, 1920.

Pa Ola Day Camp


“Pa Ola Day Camp,” opened about a year ago near the new Kaumakapili church, is doing a valuable share of the work in the local anti-tuberculosis campaign. The bungalow, shown above, is used for housing cases sent by local physicians or by the nurses of Palama Settlement. During the past ten months seventy-one cases have been treated and twenty left either cured or greatly improved. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 2/27/1920.


To George Kaeha and Alice Kalawe, a son, Feb. 1.
To C. C. Sing Loy and Mary Kahai, a daughter, Feb. 14.
To Jim Moses and Kapela Kama, a son, Feb. 14.
To William A. Akerman and Vitoria H. Meyer, a daughter, Feb. 15.
To William Kaholi and Rose Castino, a son, Feb. 15.
To B. U. Karrati and Kealoha A. Blake, a daughter, Feb. 16.
To Abner Chang and Clara Fairman, a son, Feb. 16.
To Charles Rutkowski and Lucy Palaimo, a daughter, Feb. 17.
To George H. Miranda and Rose Trask, a daughter, Feb. 18.
To Thomas Mason and Hattie Maroi, a son, Feb. 18.
To Lino K. Keahi and Lily Bush, a son, Feb. 18.
To Moses Adams and Annie Wahinekapu, a daughter, Feb. 19.
To Solomon Mahoe and Tiller Awa, a daughter, Feb. 19.
To Rodney K. Burgess and Emily P. Hulihee, a son, Oct. 20, 1919.
To C. K. Kahai and Madeline Keahi, a son, Feb. 22.
To E. H. Burtell and Helen Kidder, a daughter, Feb. 23.
To Joe Makua and Mary Kakina, a son, Feb. 24. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 2/13/1920.


Arthur P. Vierra to Juliet K. Perry, Jan. 31.
John A. Watson to Christina K. Kapu, Jan. 31.
Robert A. Nui to Julia Camacho, Jan. 31.
Henry K. Punohu to Emily Bonaparte, Feb. 1.
Frank Freitas to Hannah Humeku, Feb. 4.
Elmor L. Rhodes to Hannah M. Pierce, Feb. 7.
Ah Chong Kahinu to Mary Wong, Feb. 7.
Henry N. Kaahanui to Elizabeth Kaulaloha, Feb. 7.
Moke N. Keale to Kaehukai Manukina, Feb. 8.
Langford Harrison to Jessie McGowan, Feb. 9. Continue reading