Commentary on awa licenses, 1869.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO: Oahu.”]

Awa License.—On Tuesday of last week, C. S. Bato [C. S. Bartow] auctioned off awa Licenses for Koolaupoko, Waialua, Ewa and Waianae. Continue reading

Reward for turning people in who secretly sell awa, 1869.

($20.00) REWARD!

I will give that money award to anyone who gets an Arrest Warrant and testifies before the Circuit Court Judge against the person or persons who,


in the District of Ewa and Waianae, and not at my Awa Shop in Waianae, Oahu.


($10.00) REWARD

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Licensed lawyers, 1879.

List of Lawyers.

The list of names below are the lawyers who were approved to practice Law in the the Courts of this Nation for two years, in accordance with the law passed in the Legislature of this past 1878. And being that we were asked, we therefore are publishing the list of names.

In all Courts on the island of Oahu, except the Supreme Court.

J. S. Kaanaana, licensed Sept. 10, 1878.

J. P. Kauwalu, ” ” ”

George Barenaba, licensed Oct. 26, ”

Henry N. Kahulu, licensed Nov. 4, ”

Jesse Amara, licensed June 3, 1879.

In the District and Police Courts.

Asa Kaulia, licensed Oct. 8, 1878.

S. Aukai, licensed Oct. 12, 1878.

Only within the Police Court of Honolulu.

Lililehua, licensed Jan. 21, 1879. Continue reading