Honors for Albert Nahaleʻā, 1939.

Nahale-a Selected

Albert Nahale-a previously of Hilo nei was elected as president for the Kauai chapter of the University of Hawaii Alumni Association at the meeting held in Waimea. Continue reading

Albert Nahale-a entertains patients at Puumaile Hospital, 1945.


In the afternoon of Sunday, June 3, the Hula Studio of Albert Nahale-a [Pa Hula a Albert Nahale-a] arrived at the Puumaile Hospital to entertain the patients at that home.

It was heard that a Hula Studio would come to entertain the patients, and it was questioned, who was coming down, and in the afternoon of Saturday it was clear, the Hula Studio that was coming down.

A little before the clock struck 3:00 P. M., the bell to rise rang. The people got up and made ready for the arrival of the Hula Studio. Nahale-a’s people arrived, and a little bit after 3:00 P. M. the emcee announced that they were ready to start the activities. Continue reading

More on music with Joseph Kalima and Albert Nahale-a, 1935.

Some people of Hilo are starting a Glee Club from amongst the members of the Executive Committee of Hilo nei, from church members to other friends who are coming together for the purpose of singing here in Hilo.

Others from the Churches of Haili have been asked and some expert singers also have been asked to join with these people who have given themselves for this activity. Joseph Kalima and Albert Nahale-a have come aboard.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/22/1935, p. 2)

Ke hoala mai nei...

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XXVII, Helu 17, Aoao 2. Okatoba 22, 1935.

Hula to entertain the sick, 1945.

A Celebration

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 3, the Pa Hula of Albert Nahale-a arrived at Puumaile Hospital to bring good will to the patients.

There was word that there was going to be a visit from a Hula Troupe to entertain the patients; it was asked who was coming, and in the afternoon of Saturday, it was clear which Hula Troupe was coming.

A little before 3:00 P. M., the waking bell was sounded. The people got up and got ready for when the Hula Group would arrive. Nahale-a’s people came, and it was but a short time after 3:00 P. M. The announcer voice rang forth announcing that it was ready for the activities to proceed.

They started their program with the performance of the song Ike hou ana i ka nani o Hilo,¹ and after that there were Hawaiian Hula and joint singing, and hula of this era, duets and trios.

The patients showed their enthusiasm by applauding.

When the close of the program was near, the head of the Hula Troupe announced that the day fell on the birthday of the Editor [Solomon Anakalea] of the Hoku o Hawaii, therefore they sang the song, “Happy Birthday” for this editor. He was 62 years old. I thank God for giving me these years.

Following this, the festivities were let out, and the members of the Hui Lokahi of Puumaile stood and gave their thanks to Albert Nahale-a and his Hula Troupe.

However, it was the solo singing performance of Mr. Joseph Kalima that was most admired by some. As well as the duets performed with his daughter.

This program was for some something that would not be forgotten in their weakened state.


¹Perhaps this is the mele that begins:

Ike hou ana i ka nani o Hilo,
I ka uluwehiwehi i ka lehua,
Lei hoohihi a ka malihini,
Mea ole i ke kono a ke aloha.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 6/20/1945, p. 1)

Aha Hoolaulea

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XL, Number 8, Aoao 1. Iune 20, 1945.

May Day in Hilo town, 1942.

Our Lei Day

According to what we understand and hear pertaining to the celebration of Lei Day, that being this Friday, the show put on will be great.

There will be two hula groups that will hula on that day, that being the hula troupe [Hui Lokelani] of Mrs. Rose Kuamoo and the Hui Huapala led by Albert Nahale-a. Other than these groups will be the Police Glee Club led by William K. Kahimoku (Kualii), and also the children of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kalima, and also perhaps some duets and some solos.

Last year, this show was held in the evening, beginning at 6:00, but this year, it can’t be put on in the late evening, but instead will be held at 3:00  p. m. This is times of blackout in this land, and we are not to turn on lights outside.

This show and hula will be held at Kalakaua Square, and we are lucky to have the military band join in and commemorate this day. There is nothing to be said about our County Band, for they have not dropped out of the activities of the day.

The activities of the day will begin with a concert put on by the military band at port here in Hilo, at 2:30 p. m. until 3:00 p. m., and the County band until 3:30 p. m. and followed by the other parts.

Here below is the program of events of that afternoon

Directed by the Hawaiian Civic Club of Hilo
Friday, May 1, 1942,
at the Hour of 3:30 P. M.

Part I, Old Hawaiian Hula

1. “Ka La o Mei He La Lei Ia Ma Hawaii” [May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii] Police Glee Club, Lokelani, and Huapala.

2. “Oli” by Mary Ahiena

3. Old Hawaiian Hula, by the Hui Lokelani.

a. Olapa — Niihau, Pua Hau o Maleka

b. Puili — Malualua

c. Iliili — Kona Hema

d. Uliuli — Moku Kia Kahi, Alekoki

4. Combined Old Hawaiian Hula, by the Hui Huapala

a. Puili & Uliuli — Nani Wale Na Hala

5. “Pua Mohala” by the Hilo Police Glee Club

Part II, Hawaiian Hula of Modern Times

1. “Kuikahi” by Huapala

2. A Hula for President Roosevelt, Lokelani

3. “Ua Hoomaka lakou i Kekahi Mea,” Frank Kahili

4. Holoholo Kaa, Huapala

5. “Loke Honesakala,” Ernest Hanaike and his Guitar

6. Nani Hilo, Lokelani

7. “Mele Maka Lalau” by Baby Kaieie

9. “Wiliwili Wai,” William Kualii

8. Aloha Ia No O Maui, Lokelani

10. Kona Hema, Huapala

11. My Sweet Sweetie, Three Children of Kalaima

12. Oahu, Lokelani

13. Ke Kali Nei Au, duet by Miss Kuaana Nathaniel and Joseph Kalima

14. Maikai Wale No Kauai, Lokelani

15. “TAHUAHUAI,” Abraham Laeha

16. Sasa & Somemore o Samoa, Huapala


a. Hilo March — Lokelani

b. “I Lei Nou” — Police Glee Club

c. Leahi, Hanohano Hanalei — Huapala



(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/29/1942, p. 2)

Ka La Lei O Kakou

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume 37, Number 1, Page 2. Apelila 29, 1942.