The Hawaiian Flag and James Auld and Capt. Alexander Adams…

It is interesting to note that newspaperman, James Auld, who was responsible for the Kuokoa 1/1/1862 color image of the Hawaiian Flag was the son of Andrew Auld, who arrived from Scotland in 1816. And that this Andrew Auld was apparently dear friends with none other than fellow Scot, Capt. Alexander Adams, who captained the Kaahumanu (formerly named Forrester) for Kamehameha I. Adams is traditionally credited for designing the the Hawaiian Flag.

[Andrew Auld and Alexander Adams lay side by side at Oahu Cemetery, their single gravestone reads: “Twa croanies frae the land of heather / Are sleepin’ here in death th’gether.”Two close friends from the land of heather (Scotland) are sleeping here in death together.

And James’ brother, William, who we spoke of earlier as the engraver of James’ wife’s (Uwinihepa’s) tombstone, was perhaps more importantly one of the four men sent to take the Anti-Annexation Petitions to Washington D. C. Oh! and William marries one of the daughters of Capt. Alexander Adams, Mary (9/21/1859). Both James and William seem to also go by the last name Andrew/Andrews.]

Donations for the commission carrying the anti-annexation petitions to America, 1898.




We are the Aloha Aina boys whose hearts are full of true aloha from deep within.

We are donating our few cents for the well-being of the Representatives with unified hearts and to attest to this, we affix our names.


B. Lapilio, 50 cents

Nakeu, 50 ”

Halekauhola, 50 ”

E. D. T. Sing, 50 ”

John Lono, 50 ”

Moluhi, 50 ”

John Hao, 50 ”

Kukaukama, 50 ”

Kaomea Kaui, 50 ”

J. Namaielua, 50 ”

Jeo Kahilahila, 50 ”

Kalua, 50 ”

Mahi Kaio, 50 ”

S. Pilipo, 50 ”

Kauluwehiwehi, 50 ”

Hanaole, 50 ”

Micah Kaui, 50 ”

Kalauahea, 50 ”

Pohano, 50 ”

Kaukua, 50 ”

Kihauna, 50 ”

Ake, 50 ”

Hoopii, 50 ”

Moses Holi, 50 ”

S. Kauhahaa, 50 ”

Pihana, 50 ”

Isaia Wai, 50 ”

Pali, 50 ”

Hukia, 25 ”

Kanakahoa, 25 ”

Lai Kilauea, 25 ”

John Papu, 10 ”

Hakau, 10 ”

Kaonohiliilii, 10 ”

Kahikina, 1.00 ”

John Haloi, 1.00 ”

J. K. Laanui, 1.95 ”

D. W. J. Kaopuiki, 1.00 ”

Total: $20.00

D. W. J. Kaopuiki


The boys of Baldwin Home are speedy.

[The newspaper Ka Loea Kalaiaina (and many other Hawaiian-Language Newspapers) are for some reason still not available online in searchable text form or even in image form. This is unfortunate, for although most people are familiar with the anti-annexation petitions (“Kū‘ē Petitions”), many have not seen the many lists of donations collected from all over the islands for the expenses of the commission carrying the petition to Washington D. C.

This particular list of donors and donations are from Kalawao! These patients were forced to live isolated from mainstream society, and yet they remained staunch patriots!!

This image is difficult to read, and I hope that clear images of these pages will be made, so if they are typed out to be word-searchable online, people will be able to find their kupuna—it will be near impossible to find a name if there is an “@” somewhere within it…]

(Loea Kalaiaina, 3/14/1898, p. 3)


Ka Loea Kalaiaina, Buke II, Helu 11, Aoao 3. Maraki 14, 1898.