Hawaiian medical kahuna and haole doctors, 1871.

Answer to W. P. Waha.

Mr. Editor; Aloha oe:

Perhaps it is well that I explain in your newspaper a thought responding to W. P. Waha of Honomaele Uka, Hana, Maui.

In the newspaper, Kuokoa, Buke 10, Helu 27, of the 8th of this past July, Waha published an opinion pertaining to the Practice of Hawaiian Medicine. From what I saw searching from beginning to end; this is what I mainly got out of it, that “he is jealous, malicious, and a slanderer, ” and so forth. You just chomp your mouth like a wild shark of the sea saying, “All of the Hawaiians are dying because of whom? Yes! They are dying because of you Heads of the Government!” If that is the intent of the questioner, then I ask of you, “Is that indeed true?” Let us all look at the thoughts of this malicious inciter, being that the Heads of our Nation are not looking to kill off the Hawaiian Lahui, and ways to kill them, but it is you, and it is you yourselves who offer yourselves off to die; and you enjoy grumbling to our Heads of Government. Take a short look at this, you fault finder; During the past session of the Legislature, in the year 1870, $4,000 was put to teach Hawaiian youths Medicine, and in the month of November of last year, the government chose the proper person in which they trust, as a teacher for the school, and it is being taught now. There is no other reason for this action except because of the aloha for you, O Hawaiian people.

Take another look; some Hawaiian medical kahuna are licensed, so that they can practice medicine in the country and areas where there are no doctors. The ignorant and uneducated practitioners are being sued. If you look at these actions by our Government Heads, it appears as if they are concerned that our Lahui will perish. Continue reading

Licensed kahuna and non-licensed kahuna, 1875.

[Found under: “Nu Hou Kuloko.”]

To the Medical Kahuna in Ewa and Waianae, we have heard that there are many Hawaiian medical kahuna without licenses to practice medicine who are treating patients in those districts. You know that the treating of others without a license is prohibited, and if you do not listen, you will be in trouble. There is but one kahuna who is licensed, and that is Kauhalu; and he has the power to arrest and sue under Law the one or ones who doctor people without license. “Don’t touch, don’t undertake this,” or you will face troubles, therefore, “Beware when treading in the uplands of Puna.”¹

¹”E nihi ka hele i ka uka o Puna,” is a famous warning given by Hiiaka to her aikane Wahineomao. It became used as a general warning to be careful of what you are doing.

(Kuokoa, 9/19/1874, p. 2)

I na kahuna lapaau...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 38, Aoao 2. Sepatemaba 19, 1874.