Wailuku memorial for Queen Liliuokalani, 1917.


WAILUKU, Maui, Nov. 23.—Most interesting services were held on Sunday in memory of Queen Liliuokalani. At the Church of the Good Shepherd at the usual hour of service, Rev. J. Charles Villiers preached a most interesting sermon, speaking of the good life of the queen and what she had done for her people and for Hawaii. There was a large and most appreciative audience.

At the Kaahumanu church there was also an unusually large audience, many coming from Waikapu, and the Japanese church in Wailuku, in honor of the queen. Revs. L. B. Kaumeheiwa and Rowland B. Dodge spoke upon the queen’s life and how much it meant that after the changes that had come in the government here the queen should have done so much to welcome and assist all the people of Hawaii irrespective of nationality.

References to the queen were also made in the Kahului Union chuch and the Makawao Union church by the pastors, though no special memorial services were held.

On Sunday evening at the Wailuku Union church, Rev. W. B. Coale of Lahaina, preached a strong sermon upon  “The Divine Silence.” He was listened to by a most appreciative audience.

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 11/24/1917, p. 37)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXV, Number 7993, Page 37. November 24, 1917.

On the Wailuku Union Church, 1912.

Brief History of the Wailuku Church.

The first building of the Wailuku Union Church was erected in the early part of 1867. Mr. Christopher H. Lewers, Mr. Edward H. Bailey and several others then living in Wailuku were interested in its erection, and assisted in the work. “The Friend” of a somewhat earlier date speaks of the work of the ladies of Wailuku in raising nearly $400 toward the new building.

Rev. Thomas Gardner Thurston, second son of Asa and Lucy G. Thurston, of Kailua, Hawaii, was the first pastor of this Church. He was ordained in the Kaahumanu Church, and ministered to both English-speaking and Hawaiian congregations, beginning his work in the month of October, 1866.

The Wailuku Union Church was organized, January 15th, 1867. Rev. W. P. Alexander was moderator of that council, Rev. S. E. Bishop, D. D., was the scribe. The papers of incorporation were issued the year before, on October 10th. Continue reading