Book & Music Festival, 2019.

If you are on Oahu nei, and are looking for something fun to do, there is the Book & Music Festival continuing today. I was there yesterday, and today it looks like the weather is much better. I am finding more and more books citing articles from the Hawaiian-language newspapers being sold these days. Hopefully people will see that history without the Hawaiian-language newspapers is at best an incomplete history.


On Char with Kauai photographers, 1934.

Kauai Photographers

Several of the leading Japanese photographers on Kauai are pictured above with On Char, secretary of the territorial board of photography, who visited the Garden Island last week to conduct examinations to applicants for certificates and also to investigate the unlicensed photographers on theĀ  island. Continue reading

City Photo, 10th anniversary, 1922.

Announcing the
Tenth Anniversary
of the
City Photo CO.


Mr. On Char, in 1912, started the City Photo Co. His first advent into the photographic field was in 1904 when he entered the employ of the Rice & Perkins Studio of this city.

In 1920, Mr. Char went to the mainland to take up a post graduate course at The New York Institute of Photography and upon his return rejoined this concern. Mr. Char is a member of the Photographers’ Association of America. Continue reading