Story of Opukahaia printed in New York, 1867.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO.”]

The Story of Henere Opukahaia.—Printed in New York was the story of this famous man of Hawaii nei who first turned to righteousness; Continue reading

Death of Abela Kekamakahi in Coloma, California, 1860.

Death in California.

O Hae Hawaii:—Aloha oe:

A friend of ours has died on the 1st of Mei, 1860; that is Abela Kekamakahi, someone loved by everyone.

This is why he died; he had a distended stomach [opu ohao], which he had for four months. He was treated by a haole man, and received comfort, thereafter he relapsed, and a Hawaiian kahuna appeared named Keahilele, and with his treatment, his body received no comfort. Continue reading