There is an article speaking of the monarch of Hawaii and Princess Kaiulani, 1895.

[The column on the left side of the page is only partially legible because this newspaper is bound into a book. The book is bound so tightly that the pages will not lay flat. That is why you see a shadow covering a good part of the column. The only way to know what was being said back then is by unbinding volumes like these and rescanning them clearly as possible. If you can’t read the whole page clearly, you can only guess at what was being reported.]


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke Buke I, Helu 22, Aoao 3. Okatoba 19, 1895.

Hawaiians abroad and more criticism of the hula group I posted articles about a couple weeks ago, 1862.

[Found under: “Na Palapala.”]

A Letter


O Editor: From when I arrived here in California, I met with a few Hawaiians who I thought were here in California. And perhaps their friends will not fail to be happy to hear about them.

The first is William Kanui [Wiliama Kanui]. I wrote about him in the Hoku Loa some weeks ago. He is one who came back from Boston with Bingham folks in the year 1820. He arrived in California in the year 1849. He sought after money and he found it, and it disappeared once more. He lives as a Christian in California. In the past rainy season, he was very ill, and is a little better now; however, he is weakly because of his age. His hair is very gray, and his skin is fair from just living like a haole. He very much cannot fend for himself, and he is cared for by the Christian friends of the Bethel of Sacramento in San Francisco, in all his needs. Continue reading

Rev. L. H. Gulick, 1862.

We learn that Rev. L. H. Gulick [? Orramel H. Gulick], late missionary at Micronesia, has been called by the Protestant Church at Kau, Hawaii, to preside over that church, vice Rev. W. C. Shipman, deceased. Whether the call will be accepted or not we have not learnt, Mr. Gulick being now in California.

(Polynesian, 2/8/1862,  p. 2)


Polynesian, Volume XVIII, Number 41, Page 2. February 8, 1862.

So many Hawaiians living in California! 1863.

Hawaiians in California.

O Kamaaina of my dear land of birth; Aloha oukou:—I was just in California, and came back. I had much interaction with Hawaiians living there, and I saw most of them who are living in that large land; and by asking, I obtained the names of some who I have not seen. You maybe want me to tell you those who I came across there? You all answer, “Yes, that is a good thing indeed; we will find there brethren that were lost to us, who we mistakenly thought were dead; come to find out they are living in California.” Continue reading