Political ad, 1914.

Charles Kahiliaulani Notley


Hiolo na wai a ka opua
Hanini ka ua i Mana
Hanini na Pola a ke Koae
Hanini Puuwaawaa i ka uka o Puako,
O ke ko paha ia o ka’u moe
Ua ike au ia Kalanamaihiki
Hiki mai la no au e ke aloha—e,
O ke aloha wale no ka’u i puolo mai la.

I hookahi kahi ke aloha
I hookahi kahi ka manao
E koho ia Kahiliaulani

(Holomua, 9/5/1914, p. 7)

Ka Holomua, Buke I, Helu 49, Aoao 7. Sepatemaba 5, 1914.

English coverage of the Heen/Notley wedding, with better pictures, 1906.



An impressive ceremony at St. Andrew’s cathedral last evening united Miss Lily Notley and Mr. William H. Heen in marriage. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large number of friends. The bride was attended by Mrs. Leslie, as matron of honor, and the groom was served by his brother, Mr. Afong Heen, as best man. Rev. F. Fitz officiated.

The church was simply decorated, a border of waxy white flowers mingled with fern leaves adorning the chancel rail. The bride was given away by her father, Mr. Charles Notley. Continue reading

The Heens, and why we need to rescan the old Hawaiian newspapers, 1906.

A Festive Marriage with Honor

MR. and MRS. W. H. HEEN.

AMONGST delightful sprigs of white carnations blossoms entwined with delicate fronds of palai fern decorating the interior of the church of St. Andrew, the sacred matrimony between Miss Lily Notley and Mr. William H. Heen, Esq., of the Legal Profession of Hawaii, was held, and Rev. Fitz married the two of them in peaceful reverence. The young woman was escorted by Mrs. Leslie, and the young gentleman by his brother [hoa hanau], Mr. Afong Heen.

Charles Kahiliaulani Notley, the birth parent of the bride, gave his beloved lei upon the altar of matrimony, the foundation for one to live amongst the circle of those who live in proper and chaste families in this world.

The Gentlemen who attended to this assembly of friends were Mr. H. A. Kaulukou, associate of Mr. W. H. Heen in the legal profession; William Jordan and John Marcallino.

The woman was dressed in a wedding dress of white silk made with great skill; and the man was dressed in the usual attire for that occasion.

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