Anonymous accusations against a Catholic priest in Kalawao, 1874.

The deeds of the Catholic teacher in Kalawao.

We are printing below the deeds of a certain Catholic priest amongst the leprosy patients in Kalawao:

1. Clothes—The clothes donated by the brethren of Honolulu for the needy leprosy patients of Kalawao, that is what the Catholic teacher is using to lure the people of the Evangelical faith [hoomana Euanelio] to join the Catholic religion. While he goes around doing his converting, and when they hear him they convert, but should they be steadfast, the teacher will say, “Should you join the Catholic faith, I will give you the clothing and things that you lack, should you desire.” By this action, some agree to join; there have been many converted over the clothes. This is the cunning way [kumu hinu ?] of the Catholic priest.

2. Wooden staff—The Catholic teacher constantly carries a staff in his hand, and it is with this that he converts people to his faith. This is what he does. For that person or persons who are resolute against being converted over clothes, they are struck by the cane of the Catholic teacher. This is what he does with the cane, and he converts them.

3. The church house—The church in Kalaupapa is of the Catholics.¹ He uses this church to convert some people to his religion. This is basically what he does. When the church was completed in Kalaupapa, the Catholic teacher when to the houses to convert people; the Catholic teacher said, “What is your faith.” “I’m a Calvinist [Kalawina],” that being a Protestant of the Evangelist faith, said the person in response. “That is a faith without any church,” said the Catholic teacher.”We are fine without a church; we hear that our kahu is coming and will hold services at the homes of brethren, and if we are in good health, we will attend the services,” he answered. “That’s no good, for here is our church, you all should come in, and then I’ll give you people clothes, and things you need, should you all desire,” replied the Catholic teacher. With this and everything else said in that conversation, some people converted, and some others remained steadfast behind the truth of the Gospel.

4. The cemetery.—The cemetery of the Catholics recently constructed here in Kalawao is one of the things used by that Catholic teacher and the Catholic disciples to convert people to their side. This Catholic teacher saw that the people were troubled with dead bodies left out, eaten up by pigs; and he was intent on converting the people to his belief, and therefore, he ordered Honolulu to send over several bundles of pine lumber; it arrived recently and is now standing here in Kalawao like a net to catch stupid fish who stray and are caught. So too is this graveyard; there are two faiths who come in, and they are left until the day they rise; who will they be for?

5. Extreme Unction [Ukione].—This act, Extreme Unction, is one of the most heinous acts which the Catholic teacher is doing here in Kalawo, and we all agree that this is akin to thievery. This is what he does. For those who don’t convert over clothes, or the rod, or the church, or the cemetery, he practices Extreme Unction on them. When the Catholic teacher sees or hears of a that a patient has grown weak, one that is from another faith, he goes to them constantly to urge them, and because the patient grows weary, he submits, whereupon the Catholic teacher performs the Extreme Unction; and when the patient recovers, he protests this improper deed of the Catholic teacher; this happens often; some people protest, and other mistakenly submit. From what we’ve seen, the Catholic teacher by these actions is like a yellow-eyed cat spying on its enemy, the mouse. And we believe that these actions of the Catholic teacher are not right in his sacred and faithful position.

Here is another new important thing we are witnessing. On the night of the 22nd of Dec. of the year 1873, at maybe 10 o’clock of that night, Kaiakoili (m) died, he was a brethren of the church of Kawaiahao, and he contracted leprosy and lived here in Kalawao, and was a member of the Siloama Church, and this was his faith until the day he died. However, on the night shown above, during his last hours, he was Baptized [Babetema ia] by Kulia (f), who is a disciple of the Catholic faith, but he was Baptized when he was dead.

Leprosy Patient.

¹St. Philomena Church

(Kuokoa, 1/17/1874, p. 1)

Na hana a ke kumu Pope ma Kalawao.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 3, Aoao 1. Ianuari 17, 1874.