People suspected of having leprosy held in jail, 1872.

The leprosy patients taken to Kalawao!

O Kuokoa Newspaper: Aloha kaua:—

Perhaps some two or three weeks ago, those afflicted with the “Chinese disease” were assembled in the jail here in Lahaina. And it wasn’t just people from Lahaina, but some were also from Lanai: men, women, and children. And on this past Saturday, August 10, they totalled 30; 21 from Lahaina nei and 9 from Lanai; but the gathering is not over. And in the coming weeks, it seems as if the total of all those put in the jail will reach forty or more. And when the Minister of the Interior [Hutchison] arrives from Honolulu, they are examined for those who should go to Kalawao, and the rest are released for another time.

Here are the names of those taken to Molokai aboard the ship Warwick [Wawiki], Captain Keoni Bulu, today, the 20th of Aug. 1872:

From here in Lahaina—Pahuhao, Kaohimaunu, Ekela, Kailiopu, Kalimalepo, Kalala, Kapiioho, Lono, John Europa [? Europe], Puaahiwa, Kiki, Mokumi, Kaailau, Kekahi, Kumano, Manuwai, Aiai, Kekapa, Alapai, and Kaiwi. From Lanai—Isemaela Pali, Nahora opio, Nui, and Kane.

All of these people, they were separated from their companions, and parents left their children, children left their parents, and so too did friends leave friends.

On the day they were taken, the pier of Keawaiki was packed, and the friends of those who were being separated wailed in grief, while some of them were determined to go along with their sick, but that was not possible; and it seemed that there were but five or six who went along for just a while then returned; and there was only one woman who swore that she’d go with her husband and leave her bones in Kalawao.


Lahaina, Aug. 22, 1872.

(Kuokoa, 8/31/1872, p. 2)

Na mai pake i laweia ma Kalawao!

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XI, Helu 35, Aoao 2. Augate 31, 1872.

New Years celebration in Kalawao, 1888.


On new year’s day of this year, a feast was held in the land of the leprosy patients at Kalawao by the Board of Health, and all of the patients were invited to gather within the party lanai where they feasted upon the things prepared for them. Mr. Ambrose Hitchcock [Hutchinson], the Assistant Superintendent of the Hospital, sent a letter to the President of the Board of Health, reporting on the good outcome of the efforts done for the leprosy patients.

Upon that same ship which arrived the letter from the Assistant Superintendent, the President [of the Board of Health] also received a letter of appreciation in Hawaiian, which was signed by the Committee chosen by the patients, to express their delight in the kind act done by the Board of Health for them. Here is a copy of that document.

N. B. Emerson, Esq.,

President of the Board of Health:

“Aloha oe—We are the Committee chosen by the Assistant Superintendent of the Leprosy Colony, whose names appear below; we humbly put before you our expression in response to your gift spread before the patients, to celebrate the new year.

“The patients are joyous and delighted with the great blessings sent by you, they ate until full, and this a something brand new for them.

“This is our expression, respectfully,

J. Kahaulelio,  S. Kamahalo,

F. Gaiser,  A. Puaaloa,

J. A. Kamakini,  P. Kaluna,

J. Kahauola,  S. Kamoahaku,

P. Kiha,  Kunui.

“Done and signed at Kalawao, January 12, 1888.”

[I think that the phrase, “this is something brand new for them,” is something to ponder and consider.]

(Kuokoa, 1/21/1888, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXVII, Helu 3, Aoao 2. Ianuari 21, 1888.