Constitution of the Hawaiian Patriotic League, in English, 1893.



Whereas vital changes in our Country have taken place, which may affect its Independence and the Civil Rights of its Subjects and Citizens, thereby rendering indispensable a compact and zealous Union between all men who love the Country, irrespective of Party or creed.

Therefore, Resolved that We, the patriotic, peaceful and loyal Subjects and Citizens of Hawaii nei, for the purpose of peaceably guarding our Civil Rights, do hereby form ourselves into a League, under the following Constitution:


Article 1—The name of this Association shall be the HAWAIIAN PATRIOTIC LEAGUE (Ka Hui Hawaii Aloha AIna).


Article 2—The object of this Association is to preserve and maintain, by all legal and peaceful means and measures, the Independent Autonomy of the Islands of Hawaii nei; and, if the preservation of our Independence be rendered impossible, our object shall then be to exert all peaceful and legal efforts to secure for the Hawaiian People and Citizens the continuance of their Civil Rights.


Article 3—The League shall consist of one Central Body in Honolulu, with Branches in the various Districts of the other Islands.


Article 4—(A) All the Natives of this Country, over 20 years of age, who are willing to pledge themselves to the objects of this League, are eligible for membership thereof and may become members by signing this Constitution.

(B) All foreigners, at present enjoying or entitled to Civil Rights in this country, and in sympathy with the objects of this Association and willing to pledge themselves to it, by signing the Constitution, may be admitted as Honorary Members.


Article 5—The Central Body of the Patriotic League shall rule over all the District Branches , and shall be conducted by the following officers:

1. Honorary President,

1. President,

2. Vice-Presidents,

1. Secretary,

1. Treasurer,

And 13 Councillors who together, shall constitute an Executive Council of 19 members. All these Officers must be native Hawaiians and must be elected by Ballot, for such term of office, as may be provided in the by-laws of the League or Council.

The District Branches shall elect their Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and shall appoint one Delegate to represent them before the Central Body in Honolulu, which Delegate shall have a right to attend the meeting of the Executive Council and of the League.


Article 6—Foreign Members shall be elected by the Executive Council, to the following honorary offices: 1 Honorary President, 2 Honorary Vice-Presidents, 2 Honorary Secretaries, and 7 Honorary Councillors, or more, as may hereafter be determined by the League. These Honorary Officers shall constitute and Advisory Council who shall sit and vote with the Executive Council.


Article 7—The duties of the various officers shall be those pertaining to the respective offices, as is usual in all similar organizations, and shall be more expressly defined in such by-laws as may be hereafter adopted by the Executive Council.


Article 8—Meetings of the League shall be called by the President, at the request of the Executive Council or of any other ten members;

Meetings of the Executive Council shall be called by the President at the request of any three members of said Council;

All proceeding s of meetings of the League and of the Executive Council shall be governed by the usual decorum and rules of Parliamentary Usage.


Article 9—Any member of the League or of its Executive Council, who may commit an act violating the spirit and purposes of this League may be summoned before the Executive Council, and upon conviction by them, be expelled from the League.


Article 10—All amendments or additions to the present Constitution must be approved by a general meeting of the League.

Adopted, Honolulu, this 4th day of March, 1893.

[See the Hawaiian-Language Constitution here!]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 3/22/1893, p. 3)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 667, Aoao 3. Maraki 22, 1893.

Constitution of the Hawaiian Patriotic League, in Hawaiian, 1893.



Oiai ua ike ia ae nei ka loli ano nui ana o ko kakou aina, he mea hoi e manaoia ai, e hoopilikia ia ana kona Kuokoa ame na Pono Kivila o kona mau Makaainana, a me na Kupa, a no ia mea, he mea pono e kukuluia ona Hui manao lokahi a makaala mawaena o na kanaka a pau e aloha ana i ka Aina, me ka nana ole i ka Aoao Kalaiaina, a Manaoio Hoomana paha. Nolaila:

E hooholoia. O makou o na makaainana kupaa a me na Kupa Aloha Aina a makee maluhia hoi o Hawaii nei, no ke kiai makaala ana i ko makou mau Pono Kivila, ma keia, ke hoohui nei makou ia makou iho ma kekahi Ahahui, malalo o ke Kumukanawai mahope ae nei. penei:


Pauku 1—O ka inoa o keia Ahahui, oia “Ka Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina.”


Pauku 2—O ka hana a keia Ahahui oia ka malama ana a me ke kakoo ana, ma na keehina hana maluhia a kue kanawai ole, i ke kulana Kuokoa o na Pae Aina o Hawaii, a ina he mea hiki ole ke malamaia ko lakou Kuokoa, alaila, o ka kakou hana oia ka hooikaika ana i na hana kue ole i ke kanawai a me ka maluhia e hoomau ia ai ka Pono Kivila o na kanaka Hawaii a me na Kupa makaainana.


Pauku 3—Aia iloko o keia Ahahui e kukulu ia he hookahi Hui Nui ma Honolulu i kapa ia “Ka Hui Kuwaena,” [Central Body] a mai loko aku ona e kukulu ia ai i ma Ahahui lala ma na Apana Koho o na Mokupuni.


Pauku 4—[A] O na Lala o keia Ahahui, oia na kanaka Hawaii maoli o keia aina, he 20 makahiki a oi aku i makemake e hoopaa ia lakou iho maloko o na kumuhana o keia Ahahui, ua kupono ia e lilo i mau hoa, a lilo hoi i mau lala mamuli nae o ke kakau inoa ana malalo o keia Kumukanawai.

[B] O na kanaka a pau o na Aina e, e noho nei i keia wa he mau Pono Kivila ko lakou iloko o keia aina a i lokahi pu hoi, na manao e kakoo i na kumuhana a keia Hui, a i makemake e hoopaa ia lakou iho no ua Hui la, ma ke kakau inoa ana malalo o keia Kumukanawai, e lilo no lakou i mau hoa Hanohano (Lala) no keia Ahahui.


Pauku 5—O ka Hui Nui Kuwaena [Central Body] o “Ka Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina” oia ke noho mana maluna o na Ahahui lala o kela a me keia apana koho, a e lawelawe ia ana e na Luna Nui malalo iho nei, penei:

1—Peresidena Hanohano, 1—Peresidena, 2—Hope Peresidena, 1—Kakauolelo, 1—Puuku a me 13 mau Hoa Kuka, a o lakou a pau, oia ka Aha Hooko o 19 lala. O keia mau luna a pau he poe kanaka Hawaii maoli, a e koho ia lakou ma ka Balota, no ka manawa a e hoakakaia e na Rula o keia Ahahui.

E koho no na Ahahui Lala o na apana koho i ko lakou Lunahoomalu, Hope Lunahoomalu; Kakauolelo a me ka Puuku, a e koho i hookahi Elele i wahaolelo no lakou e hele mai ai imua o ka Ahahui Nui (Hui Kuikawa) ma Honolulu, a ua loaa i ua Elele la ke kuleana e hele ai ma na halawai o ka Aha Hooko a me na halawai o ka Ahahui.


Pauku 6. O na kanaka o na Aina E, e lilo ana i mau lala, e kohoia lakou e ka Aha Hooko no na kulana hanohano e like me keia:

1. Peresidena Hanohano

2. Hope Peresidena Hanohano

2. Kakauolelo Hanohano

7. Hoa Kuka Hanohano, a oi aku paha e like me ka mea e hooholoia ana e ka Hui ma keia hope aku;

O keia mau Luna Hanohano oia ka Aha Kuka [Advisory Council] e noho pu a e koho me ka Aha Hooko.


Pauku 7. O na hana a na Luna Nui, ua like no ia me na hana maa mau e pili ana ina Hui e ae e like me keia ano Ahahui, a e hoakaka pono ia ana hoi ma na rula e aponoia ana ma keia hope aku e ka Aha Hooko.


Pauku 8. Na halawai o ka Hui e kahea ia no ia e ka Peresidena, ma ke kauoha a ka Aha Hooko, a o kekahi mau Hoa paha he 10;

E kaheaia na halawai a ka Aha Hooko e ka Peresidena ma ke noi a kekahi mau hoa 3, o ua Aha Hooko la;

O na hana o na halawai a pau o ka Hui a me ka Aha Hooko e alakai ia no ia e na rula o na anaina maikai, a me na rula maa mau o na Ahaolelo.


Pauku 9. O kela a me keia hoa o ka Hui a o ka Aha Hooko paha, e hana ana i kekahi hana e kue ana i ka manao a me na hana a keia Ahahui, e kauohaia no ia e ku imua o ka Aha Hooko, a ina ahewa lakou iaia, e kipakuia no oia ma ka Hui aku.


Pauku 10. O na hoololi a me na pakui ana mai i keia Kumukanawai, e  hana wale ia no ia ma ka hooholo ana a na halawai mau o ka Hui.

Aponoia ma Honolulu, i keia la 4 o Maraki, 1893.

Peresidena Hanohano  J. A. Cummins

Peresidena  J. Nawahi

Hope Peresidena  J. K. Kaunamano

” ”  J. W. Pipikane

[See the English-language version here.]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 3/22/1893, p. 3)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 667, Aoao 3. Maraki 22, 1893.

Tahiti in the news, 1932.


On the steamship Malolo of the 27th of this past May, Dr. and Mrs. Gerrit Wilder left for San Francisco, and from there, they will sail all the way to Tahiti and some other places in the vicinity.

The Bishop Museum has sent Dr. Wilder to Makatea to request some new items from that island which is 130 miles away from Papeete, the capital of Tahiti.

And from there, they will get a number of rocks to enrich the soil of the sugar cane plantations of Hawaii nei.

While Dr. Wilder is there, he will ask for some things which he believes will benefit Hawaii nei.

From San Francisco Dr. and Mrs. Wilder will head to Papeete aboard the steamer of the Union Steamship Company.

From Papeete they will travel to Makatea aboard a tiny steamship, whereas the accommodations aboard the ship are fine.

The two will spend most of there time on Makatea asking for some items that will bring benefit to Hawaii nei.

(Alakai o Hawaii, 5/26/1932, p. 3)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 3, Helu 46, Aoao 3. Mei 26, 1932.