Vital Statistics, 5/14/1920.


Robert K. Fuller to Helen P. Naone, Apr. 29.
B. L. Boyce to Daisy K. Kekuewa, May 3.
Charles K. Thompson to H. Ignacious, May 5.
Phillip S. Lachance to Rebecca K. Silva, May 6.
William Stephenson to Lucy M. K. Chan See, May 8.
Sunny K. Kalawa to Elizabeth Kahalekauwila, May 11. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 5/7/1920.


Henry Makini to Gertrude K. Aiu, Apr. 24.
Maraino Rosario to Hannah Kittel, Apr. 25.
Edward K. Kong to Elizabeth Joseph, Apr. 28.
John Wailani to Elizabeth Kia, Apr. 25.
William Daniels to Anna K. Noa, May 1.
Edward K. Apa to Mary K. Kailiuli, May 1.
Hugh C. Beal to Dallas K. Zablan, May 1.
Benning F. Boyce to Daisy K. Kekuewa, May 3. Continue reading

Makua Kelemenete passes on, 1909.



Father Clement, for many years a familiar and much-loved figure in Honolulu, passed away early yesterday morning at the Catholic Mission. He has been in failing health for some…

(PCA, 6/11/1909, p. 1)

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIX, Number 8374, Page 1. June 11, 1909.

…time past, yesterday succumbing to old age. Hundreds will miss his bent, kindly form, Continue reading

Death of Rosie Antonio Richards, 1920.



To the Editor of the Kuokoa Newspaper, aloha kaua:—Please place my bundle of tears in an open space of the pride of the lahui, that being this placed here above, and may the newspaper carry it to the four corners of our archipelago and report that Mrs. Rosie A. Richards (Loke Likeke) of Kalihi, Honolulu, my dear, my companion of this dispiriting life has gone to sleep the eternal sleep, and our loving bond has been undone, and she has left me along with our children [neck lei], along with the many friends and intimates, remembering her with tears, with great regret, for she was a gracious and generous mother, and full of aloha for her family and friends, and for her goodness to all; she was greatly beloved by everyone who met with her, and a woman of her good nature is very rare. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 4/16/1920.


Robert F. Ward to Kalei Apoi, Apr. 3.
Frank R. Quintal to Cornelia K. Jellings, Apr. 3.
Edward L. Henderson to Jennie P. Bortfeld, Apr. 3.
John H. Roberts to Annie Ainoa, Apr. 6.
Dan P. Nawaaliilii to Sarah Keliihuluole, Apr. 6.
John Akana Awana to Rachel Crawford, Apr. 8.
Edward K. Mattson to Mary Pinehaka Kamana, Apr. 10.
Joseph H. Christ to Emily K. Macomber, Apr. 10. Continue reading

Just a little more on William S. Kioula marriage, 1920.

Centenarian Takes Bride of 60 Years

Hawaiian Born Before First Missionaries Came To Islands Married Wednesday Night

William S. Kioula, who will be a century old tomorrow, and Mrs. Lokalia Wahinenui, 61, were married on Wednesday evening, at Kawaiahao church by the pastor, Rev. Akaiko Akana, in the presence of many friends of the couple. The official witnesses to the ceremony were David Naeole and Charles A. Reeves, the latter being related by marriage to Mrs. Kioula.

Kioula, who looks not over 60, says he was born in Kona, Hawaii, a month before the landing of the first Christian Missionaries in the islands, which occurred in Kioula’s district of the Big Island. Honolulu’s oldest bridegroom was among the first native children to be christened by the missionaries. Continue reading