3 years… 2014.

It has been three years since the first post on this blog. I never imagined that I would be still on here after three years…  Has anyone made any connections as a result of one of these posts? Have you had any eureka moments?

In the online stats, I see hits from all over the world, but I am assuming that most are just bots. Is anyone outside of Hawaii nei really reading this blog?

And lastly for now, do you have any comments/suggestions?

Kamakea [Kamakia] Magoon marries Harmon Anderson, 1912.


[Perkins Photo]


Standing under the folds of the American and Hawaiian flags, Miss Kamakea Magoon and Harmon Anderson, known to the theatrical world a Richard Kipling, were united in marriage at 7:30 oʻclock last night at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alfred Magoon. The Rev. Dr. Doremus, pastor of Central Union church, officiated.
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On the Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital, 1914.


Because of a shortage of funds at the Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital, everyone living in this town is asked to give their assistance, as they are able, as per a flyer composed by the trustees of the hospital by way of W. O. Smith, the treasurer, and E. A. Mott-Smith, the chairman of the house committee.

From the inception of this children’s hospital until this past September, the number of patients hospitalized there reached about 1812, and most of them were in great difficulty.

The number of patients at the hospital in 1911 reached about 261; in 1912 there were 272; in 1913 there were 420; and this year, up until the 13th of October, there were 503.

With the proceeds, the expenses to run this hospital can be paid off until the end of the year; there is no way that there would be enough other than through receiving contributions from the public.

(Kuokoa, 11/13/1914, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LII, Helu 46, Aoao 4. Novemaba 13, 1914.

Another mele for Sweet Emalia? 1895.



Aloha Niumalu i ka Uluwehi
Kamaile laulii ku pohai
E hai mai ana ia’u i ka lohe
A ka Poano no ka Mikahala

Hiki aku i ke awa Nawiliwili
Kulu pakahi iho ku’u Waimaka
Aloha no oe e Mailekini
Olali a o na pali Nihoniho

E hoi no au a manao mai
Aia i Huleia ku’u lei nani
Poina aku au i ku’u Rose
Me ka manu inu wai pua o Lehua

No Lehua ka makani anu nei kino
Kahuli leo hone o ka Hanehane
Aneane neau a e lalau
A e noho Kapena no ka Mikahala

Ilaila ku’u upu ku’u lia ana
A he nane huna ia na kamanao
Hainaia mai ana ku’u nane
No ka U-i i maalo i ke Kupulau.

Hakuia e

G. R. K. Penigula.

Ewa, Augate 2, 1895.

(Oiaio, 8/16/1895, p. 1)


Nupepa Ka Oiaio, Buke VII, Helu 24, Aoao 1. Augate 16, 1895.

More on the birth of Princess Kaiulani, 1875.

Letters of Congratulation.

At Lahaina, on the 21st inst., on the news being received from Honolulu of the birth of a daughter to the Princess Likelike Cleghorn, the citizens held or public meeting at the Court House, presided over by Gov. Kapena, and adopted the draft of letters of congratulation to His Majesty, and to the parents of the young Princess. The following is a translation of the address to His Majesty:

“To His Majesty Kalakaua, Sire: Permit us in the name of the people of Lahaina to present our sincere congratulations on the birth of a new Princess. The birth of a new scion of the ancient family of Chiefs of which Your Majesty is the head, affords new cause for rejoicing among Your people. Our prayer is that Heaven may shower its choicest blessings on the infant Princess, that she may be granted a long liife, and become an honor and a blessing to the Royal Family of Hawaii nei.”

Signed by the Committee.

J. M. Kapena, Chairman,  G. W. Napaepae,
A. Pali,  J. O. Kawela,
D. Kahaulelio,  D. Mamaki.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 10/30/1875, p. 2)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XX, Number 18, Page 2. October 30, 1875.

The birth of the new princess, Kaiulani, 1875.

On Saturday morning last, the 16th instant, Her Royal Highness the Princess Miriam Likelike, sister to His Majesty the King, and wife of the Hon. A. S. Cleghorn, was safely delivered of a daughter. At four P. M. all the bells of the city rang a merry peal in honor of the infant Princess.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 10/23/1875, p. 2)

On Saturday morning last...

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XX, Number 17, Page 2. October 23, 1875.