Publishing a newspaper wasn’t easy! 1868.


Have you not thought about, O People who frequently read this newspaper, with amazement at the beauty of your monthly paper, while asking yourself, “Who publishes this paper? and who puts in effort into writing down the ideas, and into the printing, and into the distributing?” Maybe you just thought they just appear; no, consider the amount of work and expense it takes to prepare this thing which gives you enjoyment, and be educated. Just grabbing it and quickly looking at the illustrations, reading quickly through the short ideas, and then discarding it in a corner, or perhaps tearing it apart at once as a wrapper for some fish, or to wrap something else. Maybe you have complaints about not receiving it more frequently, every week; and you call it a slow paper—one publication per month. Continue reading


A kingdom of literacy, 1869.

Hear this.

May our newspaper readers of this past year see this; while we are busy fulfilling your subscriptions for the time, if you do not receive this year’s newspapers in some of your districts, do not be puzzled, but think first about not paying for the year being the reason newspapers have not been sent, however if you are prepared to pay your debts of the past and for this current year, then newspapers will be handed over with no delay as you per your wishes. Continue reading

Important words from today about yesterday, today, and tomorrow, 2013.

[Appropriate for this Lei Day, i found a lei woven with great thought and care within the pages of the current Ka Wai Ola, out today. This is a two-stranded lei—two insightful articles (both on a like topic, but one not a translation of the other) by Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada, student, translator, teacher, editor, and researcher living in Palolo i ka ua Lililehua e kilihune nei. Do read it and do pass it on.

For the entire issue, click here: Ka Wai Ola, Mei 2013.]

“Ua paepae ʻē ʻia ka pōhaku: Looking to Our Ancestors.”

Ua paepae e ia ka pohaku: Looking to our Ancestors

Ka Wai Ola, Volume 30, Number 5, Page 14. Mei 2013.