Auwe! 1867.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO.”]

Man snagged by a hook.—This past Saturday, some people from Waikiki went malolo fishing [pahoe malolo], and as usual, one dove in to see how the fish were going in, and that is what Mauhelemoku did, Continue reading

On kapaepae malolo, 1915.

[Found in: “He Moolelo no Hiakaloka”]

Some people went fishing, all sorts of fishing where you would catch fish, until the fishing of the women who drape the malo of their men over their necks. The famous fishing of Kohala is malolo fishing [kapaepae malolo]. The type of fishing of that land of the apaapaa winds is one where the women drape the malo of their men over their necks and slap their chests in grief [paiauma] as they walk the sea capes. Continue reading