Governor Dole visits Maui, 1902.

The excursion of the Governor to Maui.

On Tuesday, the 12th of July, the Governor and the Commissioner of Public Lands [Komisina Aina Aupuni] Edward S. Boyd on the Kinau and landed at Makena, Island of Maui, and they were treated very hospitably by Dr. Raymond of the cattle raising land of Rose Ranch, Ulupalakua. Continue reading

Death of Lonoehu (k) in Laupahoehoe, 1889.


O Kuokoa; Aloha oe:

Please show this important news: Seen was the dead body of Lonoehu (m) by D. Hoakimoa at 6 o’clock in the evening of Friday, the 9th of August, in the ocean right outside of the crooked harbor of Ulekii [?? ke awa kekee o Ulekii] in Laupahoehoe, and Kahaawilau dove in and got the body. Continue reading