Teach your children well, 1876.

Girl destroyed by fire.

O Lahui Hawaii: Aloha oe:—

In the morning of Friday, the 7th of July, a girl of 3 or 4 years old was burned up by fire. The reason she was burned up was because she took a match far from the house, like about 7 fathoms [7 anana], and then she immediately struck the match and her clothes was lit by the fire, and she soon felt the heat and ran to the house with the fire burning all over her body, it was then that her grandfather saw this, so he ran  and tore off the burning clothes, and when he saw what the fire did to her body, it was very dreadful, and from that time to 4 p. m., she died. Continue reading

Prohibition of stray animals at Pawaa Kai, 1875.


KNOW ALL MEN, I am the one whose name is below; I forbid all people who own animals from setting them loose on my land situated at Pawaakai at the corner of King and Waikiki Streets; Continue reading