La Hoihoi Ea, 1895.


When the sun appeared this morning, it showed its aloha for you, O Hawaii’s own, proclaiming [? ho’aho’a], this is the day that the beautiful Flag of yours, O Hawaii, waved once more after it was resting for five months or so. Continue reading

Patriotic mele in English, 1893.

Hawaii’s Queen and Natives were put under,
To bolster up their money-getting scheme


As Israel in ancient times sat weeping by the waters of Babylon listening to the plaintive songs which arose from their singers, so sits Hawaii in grief and mourning to-day and to Her our bard sings:

I had a dream, I saw a vision pass before me,
Long ages past arose in swift array,
Adown the stream of time my fleeting fancy bore me
From age to age unto the present day,
Far o’er the southern sea I saw brave ships a-sailing
From isle to isle, till at Hawaii’s shore
They touched, and soon with joy the natives came, them hailing
With pious awe, incarnate Gods of yore,
From all the land they flocked with speed to see the stranger,
Adoring gave their gifts both rich and rare,
But time brought fuller knowledge, knowledge brought its dangers
And Captain Cook’s life paid the forfeit there.
And down the stream still…

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